OhMyDog! Dog training in The Hague

Dog training classes and dog behaviour seminars

Our team of certified trainers are pleased to give you and your dog group lessons every Wednesday night, from our little field in Kijkduin, Den Haag (directions).

Many of our classes are given separately in Dutch and English for the convenience of our expat friends.

Do you want to find out more about our courses? Read on.

Photo courtesy of Tookapic http://bit.ly/1TRSZ22 CC0 license

Puppy class – a good start in life

Choice of Dutch or English

Teach your pup the key patience, impulse control and gentle stress-resilience skills. Introduce your pup to veterinary examinations, joggers or loud bangs in a fun, playful way. Learn handy tips to make brushing and towel-drying a breeze. Teach your pup to greet passersby and guests politely, and to take food off your hand gently.

We will share many more exercises to prepare your dog for a life as a happy, sociable, adaptable family dog.

The puppy class costs 152 euro, and you can register every week. For handy tips and more information, we invite you to read our Puppy page. If you have any questions and prefer mailing, we would also be happy to help answer them on info@ohmydogschool.com.

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Obedience for the family dog – For a dog who is welcome everywhere

Choice of Dutch or English.

For a dog who follows acceptable rules of conduct in the park, in the city and at home with pleasure. Teach your dog to, with or without asking, pay attention to you, or to be calm. We teach  your dog in a playful way to come back to you reliably, to stay sitting or to leave food lying around regardless even with a temptation or distraction.

Our instructors draw from their considerable experience and knowledge to focus on just the right exercise for your and your dog, because each dog is an individual. We do not focus on pointless obedience tricks, but focus on the skills that are useful to you and your dog.

Do your homework and your dog will become a relaxed, obedient dog who is welcome everywhere.

The obedience course costs 190 euro. The latest course dates are indicated here. For more information, we invite you to read our Obedience page. You can also always write to us on info@ohmydogschool.com gerust mailen if you prefer mail.


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Advanced Obedience – Accept the challenge

Only available in Dutch.

Do you want to keep nice and busy with your dog? Does your dog master basic obedience commands (minimum requirement)? Then this challenging course might be for you. The obedience exercises are just that little bit feistier and more creatieve, to keep you and your dog on your toes. The distractions and temptations are cranked up to increasingly high levels of difficulty. The atmosphere in class stays informal, playful, yet educational, as you have come to expect of OhMyDog!

The Advanced Obedience course costs 180 euro. The latest start dates are shared here.

To find out more about the Advanced Obedience course, we recommend you read our detailed Advanced Obedience page. If you prefer mail, you can always write to us on info@ohmydogschool.com.

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Private lessons or Behaviour advice – For busy owners or special-needs dogs

Choice of Dutch, English or French.

Home appointments and one-on-one lessons for you and your dog. For dogs who are not suited to group lessons (through aggression, fear, or over-excitement), or for owners who cannot come to group classes at the standard scheduled times.

Do you want to find out more about private lessons or behaviour therapy? You can mail us on info@ohmydogschool.com. Our certified trainers and behaviour therapists will then set up a custom-made lesson programme for your and your dog.

A standard track consists is given to you at home, and consists of a 2-hour evaluation and advice consult (190 euro), and 4 training lessons (55 euro per session).


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High-Risk Dogs seminar – Stay up to date on the latest developments

Only available in Dutch.

3-hour seminar about the legislation, putative behaviour problems examined through the lense of the latest scientific literature, and risk management Best Pratices for individual problem dogs. Given during evening hours, at the premises of your organisation, date by agreement. For more information, you can read more details on our Workshop page. You can also mail us for details (info@ohmydogschool.com), we would be happy to help give you the information you need.


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OhMyDog! in a nutshell

Our goal is simple: Happy, polite family dogs who are well-adjusted to living in society; parlour tricks and blind obedience are not the priority of our lessons.

For whom: For dog owners in The Hague and region (our clients come from Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk, Wassenaar, Scheveningen, etc. to Kijkduin) who want a happy, well-behaved family dog.

What: We teach skills that are relevant for the real life of a family dog, not dry obedience. Our highly educated dog trainers advise you following evidence-based principles: modern techniques and scientific research.

Where: We give our dog training lessons in a secure, dedicated training field in the heart of The Hague’s green belt (Kijkduin). Opposite Golf Club Ockenburgh, near the International School.

When: We give all our lessons on Wednesday evenings.

How: Our friendly trainers and the small class sizes result in a relaxed, playful atmosphere. And, needless to say, we never use pain or intimidation.

By whom: Every small class is taught by two experienced dog trainers: one Head Instructor (who gives the lesson centrally) and one Behaviour Coach (who gives one-on-one tips).

For our expat friends, we offer separate classes given exclusively in English.


You can get a feel for our classes in this movie (courtesy of Lucy Irvine, shot on our old field). You can also hear what our customers of the last few years have to say about us.

Contact details and dog training location in The Hague

We give our classes at De Clan (12 Wijndaelerweg, Den Haag), our enclosed training field on the green edges of the Ockenburgh Park (opposite the Golf Club). The location is safe, clean, fenced off, and easily accessible by car. For directions, go to our Location page.

You can always mail us on info@OhMyDogSchool.com. We will do our best to respond within two business days.

Your dog training team

OhMyDog! is run by your friendly dog nerds, Laure-Anne Visele-Jonkman and Sabine Peters.

Your classes are given by experienced and certified professionals, preferably with specialist academic credentials. Why are we so picky? Because at OhMyDog!, we only leave your dog in the hands of qualified dog trainers.

Laure-Anne and her dog Courtesy of Nicolette van der Werf (AD)

Laure-Anne and her dog
Courtesy of Nicolette van der Werf (AD Volkskrant)

OhMyDog The Hague is looking for new colleagues: Are you interested in evidence-based dog training? Can you commit to being in The Hague every Wednesday evening for the long-term? Do you like the idea of working in an informal and international team? Then you could fit right in at OhMyDog! Read more here.

Private dog training and behaviour therapy in The Hague

Not every dog was born for group training and some problems go beyond obedience. Our applied behaviourists can help with deeper-rooted problems like aggression, fear, or separation-related problems. If you think your dog might benefit from behaviour advice, select ‘behaviour advice or private training’ in the sign-up form and we’ll guide you through the process. Read this diagram if you are interested in the reasoning behind our routing decisions.


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