Safety and continuity in your dog training classes: it IS possible

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We have adapted our planning to strict corona measures, so that we can continue the lessons with continuity and security even during periods of strict lockdowns. For example, the groups are kept very small (2-4, depending on the lockdown) and late classes are no longer given (to take into account a possible extension of the curfew).

You can read our corona house rules on the field, during physical lessons here

Current lockdown (from March 22, 2021)

A quick look at our in-person lessons: 

  1. 2 students per group
  2. groups clearly split (e.g. with tape)
  3. End time comfortably before curfew
  4. Outside
  5. On our dedicated field (no public passage)
  6. 1 person per dog
  7. Effectively 4 meters’ distance between participants (because of the compulsory distance between dogs)

Stricter lockdowns

During the strictest lockdowns (e.g. it is no longer allowed at all to go outside, or earlier curfew), we seamlessly transition to on-line classes.

What do the on-line classes look like: 

  1. Same content + quality as physical lessons, and equally focused on practice and student-instructor interactions (live lessons)
  2. Additional tutorials (filmed demos and step-by-step instructions) for the puppy lessons
  3. Micro groups, so no unnecessarily long waiting time before your turn

Worried about on-line classes for your pup? Don’t delay your enrolment and read this first.

After yet another cycle of restriction – relaxation on government measures, we have found our groove and finally feel we can breathe out, knowing that we can continue to provide you with security and continuity in these uncertain times.

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