Rescue dog: terms and conditions

Congratulations on the recent adoption of your new friend! You have chosen for the Rescue dog traject, to give your dog the best start possible. Before we get started, could you please take a minute to review the terms and conditions below?  

  1. The traject works through ‘progress cards’: a short form for you to fill in your progress and questions. We then respond with tips and advice.  
  2. You are entitled to 1 progress card per week, for a period of 6 weeks
  3. It is not possible to catch up on a missed card. So be sure to send them every week and not skip one.  
  4. Please keep the text on the cards manageably short (aim for 5 lines of text per row in the table). Longer text will, unfortunately, not be processed entirely.  
  5. If you are practising an exercise we advised for you, kindly, please use the same name we use in our communications to you to refer to that exercise.  
  6. The secret words are ‘happy dog’.
  7. The rescue dog advice traject is not the same as a behaviourist appointment: our contact will be through the mail, and not in person/from your home. 
  8. Kindly, please send the cards before 2pm on Fridays. We do our best to send you a response on Monday at the latest.  Cards that get sent later may only be processed the next Friday, effectively loosing you a week in your program. 
  9. The traject is concluded with a decision/advice about whether group training is a good fit for your dog. Please do not get angry with us if we advise against group training. We are basing our decision on animal welfare and/or safety reasons. 
  10. Video material and additional information:
    1. Kindly, only send us video material and additional information between progress cards on our request. 
    2. When sending video material, kindly, please: 
      1. Aim for maximum 3x videos of maximum 1 minute each
      2. Send them via WeTransfer
      3. Give the files an informative name (e.g. aggression to other dogs 01.mp4)
      4. Aim to film your dog’s face, tail and entire body. 
      5. Do not pressure your dog into a problem situation for the sake of providing video material for us. Only record a problem situation / problem behaviour if it was unavoidable.