Fun class in The Hague

For whom is our Fun class?

Your dog is at least 1 year old, and masters foundation obedience skills, such as sitting, waiting and coming when called.

Want to relax and have fun with your dog? Want to learn cool tricks and improve the dog’s emotional and obedience skills in the process? Surprise your dog and join OhMyDog!’s Fun Class.

Fun class price and timing

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Lesson language

The class will be given principally in Dutch, but you will get individual guidance in English should you prefer that. We ensure we have enough staff in class to attend to your language needs and give every dog-student team the individual attention they need.

Objectives of the Fun class

OhMyDog!’s Fun Class is a mix of dog sports, play, and a lot of fun in The Hague.

We will give your dog a chance to try his paws at various dog sports in taster sessions. We will physically and mentally stimulate your dog with brain games, scent-tracking or agility exercises.

Following OhMyDog!’s Fun Class is yet another way to strengthen the bond with your dog, so your dog adores you even more…


Wolfhound finds hidden treats in the ball pit

Taster for Fun class

  • Unique OhMyDog! home-made brain games and problem-solving puzzles: mental stimulation for your dog
  • Agility: Introduce your dog to the tunnel, the jumps, or the pole weave.
  • Nosework: Teach your dog the basics of scent-tracking
  • Tricks: Teach your dog to find your keys or even money.

Basset hounds and tunnels: a match made in heaven

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