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Welcome to our Puppy Class on-line page, for owners who prefer to give their pup the best start in life from the comfort of their own home, wherever they are in the world.


For whom is the puppy class on-line?

Age: For puppies between 10 and 16 weeks. We also welcome slightly younger or older pups so do not hesitate to mention this in the sign-up form.

If your pup is 5 months or older, we would like to welcome you to the Obedience training course.

Owners: Just because you cannot follow our classes in person on our field doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on following a puppy class. The puppy class on-line is ideal for people who: 

  • Live far from our dog training school (The Hague)
  • Have a puppy that gets easily frustrated, distracted or over-aroused. Then you can follow the course from the comfort of your own home without the typical distractions and waiting times of a group dog training course. 
  • Cannot easily leave home
  • Prefer to also get written and video instructions to keep, in addition to the instructor’s explanations during class

Curious what previous clients have to say about the puppy class on-line? Why not check our testimonials page (search for the word ‘puppy class on-line’)?


Puppy class objectives

With the puppy class, we give you 5 tools to help raise a polite and confident family and city dog: 

A quick look at our puppy class on-line

  • The lessons are given live every week. You get a chance to ask questions live during these sessions
  • After the lesson, you get video examples of the exercises and step-by-step written instructions
  • You can submit your own videos for feedback and guidance. 
  • You do not need to be a tech guru to participate. The course is very low-tech. 

Good to know about our puppy class on-line

  • No contact between the pups, even on the field: Even on the field, we do not allow close contact and interactions between the pups. So you are not missing on any socialisation elements by following the course on-line.  
  • Focus on life-skills: The lessons focus more on life-skills than strict obedience because you only have one shot at the socialisation window. 
  • Open enrolment: To cut on waiting time, you can enroll your pup for this course every week.  

Need a little extra help with your pup?

If your dog is your first pup, we can imagine that you will be feeling overwhelmed at times. We strongly advise purchasing this book before the puppy comes home, so that you are prepared: Lifeskills for puppies (by Ellen Zulch). It is ethically and scientifically sound, beautifully illustrated, exhaustive and yet nice and short. 

We have also written some hand-outs to see you through Pup’s first days with you: 

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