Sylvia Marinus

Sylvia Marinus

Role at OhMyDog:  I first crossed paths with OhMyDog as a student, in 2018. After a less fortunate experience with another dog training school, starting with OhMyDog was like a breath of fresh air. The team clearly loves and understands dogs. After the puppy course, I followed OBD1, OBD2, OBD3 and even the dog/child classes. The dog behaviour bug had bitten me, and I couldn’t learn enough. Joining the team was the next logical step for me. After an intensive learning period, I started teaching my own puppy class in 2021, in which I help owners guide their dogs in this oh-so-important period.  

At OhMyDog, the dogs' well-being comes first, and we focus on helping dogs and owners treat each other with respect. This focus gives you the best chance at a stable, happy family dog, and at building a solid bond for your dog's whole life.  

I am also a Coach (I support the instructor in his/her lessons), where I offer 1-on-1 help to owners, and, if necessary, help the dog relax a little. Despite the lessons officially being group lessons, Coaches allow us to give each owner a personal touch.  

Credentials: I am a certified Kynological Instructor (O&O). My interests in dogs lie in the effect of castration; vaccination or titration; and dog massage and training with the senior dog. I also have two daughters (and many pets), and I find child-dog interactions in the family fascinating and want to delve further into this.

[caption id="attachment_204" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sylvia and Keetje Sylvia and Keetje, her Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen.[/caption]

Daily work: Besides teaching and coaching at OhMyDog!, my other great love is: homes. I work in a small-scale real-estate agency in The Hague, where you will mainly find me in the office, together with my dog Keetje (the Floor Manager). What do real-estate and dog training have in common? Working with people. I am a real people person!

Personal experience:  I put everything I learn through my certifications, workshops and books into practice with my own dog Keetje (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen), before passing it on to my students on the field. The richest field of knowledge that I have discovered about dogs is dog body language, through which I have learnt to read and understand my own and my students’ dogs so much better.