Yvonne Gerz

Yvonne Gerz

Role at OhMyDog: At OhMyDog, I found a team of highly skilled and motivated instructors. I happily joined their international team in April 2021. At OhMyDog, they use evidence-based dog training methods without force, which really appealed to me. The most fulfilling aspect of my role as an Obedience Instructor is to watch a dog and his/her owner come in on their first lesson, and to see how they grow as a team and the harmony with which they interact by the end of the course.

As a Behaviour Coach in my colleagues' lessons, I give additional attention to individual dogs or owners struggling with a particular exercise. 

Credentials: My 'human' qualifications are: HEAO propedeuse, HBO Middle Management, Masterclass internal communications + SRM for communication professionals. In terms of canine education, I obtained a kyno massage diploma (Silverlinde, 2018) and am currently working towards completing my Dog Training Instructor programme (Gaus Academy). I am also on the specialisation track for 'Nosebedience' - Tracking and Detection at the Detection Centre in Rotterdam.

[caption id="attachment_204" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Yvonne and Tony Yvonne and Tony, one of her rescue dogs.[/caption]

Daily work: In 2013, I settled back into the Netherlands after living abroad as a diplomat for 18 years. I currently work part-time as a senior advisor in a policy department.

Personal experience: Whilst abroad, I trained and rehabilitated my own stray dogs, and helped in K9 shelter situations in Uganda (2000-2004). I also provide daycare for emergency cases.