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Our latest Doggo article about dogs and separation anxiety is out

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Are you curious what a dog behaviourist has to say about separation anxiety?  With the relaxing of the Dutch corona measures, we are going to leave the house more often. This was the perfect moment to write an article about separation anxiety for Doggo.nl (THE Dutch on-line source of information about dogs). The article is   …Continue Reading

The corona puppy generation

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Written by Laure-Anne Visele 27 March 2020 We dog trainers worry about a generation of corona puppies. In these times of social distancing, how on earth do you socialise your puppy?  The socialisation period When it comes to socialisating your puppy, you only have a limited time window (roughly 7 weeks to 3 months old).   …Continue Reading

Rescue a pup from a puppy milll?

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Ellie investigates the puppy import from Hungary to the Netherlands – Hungary being the most prominente land of origin of illegal pups. She uncovers a huge business: the illegal puppy trade is actually one of the top 3 most lucrative criminal activities in Europe (after the drugs trade). How does the illegal puppy trade work?   …Continue Reading

Fear and aggression: Why just exposing the dog in gradual steps won’t work

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About the author Laure-Anne Visele is a dog behaviourist and zoologist. Laure-Anne is OhMyDog’s behaviourist and gives consults to clients in The Hague, Delft, Westland and region (in Dutch or English).  Laure-Anne is a certified dog behaviourist with a degree in Zoology (University of Newcastle, United Kingdom) and postgraduate diploma in Applied Companion Animal Behaviour   …Continue Reading

9 November 2018: Letter to Parliament about high-risk dog breeds

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Minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten wrote a letter to Parliament informing them of the current state of affair regarding the proposed legislation on High-Risk Dogs on 9 November 2018. OhMyDog! has studied the document and is summarising it for you below. In short: The municipalities, the police and the government will collaborate to tackle the   …Continue Reading

Dog behaviour seminar in The Hague: Zoologists’ secrets to a happy dog (March 2017)

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On Wednesday 29 March, we are giving our seminar on dog behaviour again, a¬†science- and fun-packed two hours by Zoologist Laure-Anne Visele, sharing little known but useful secrets behind your dog’s behaviour. Book now   Location: OhMyDog Den Haag, Wijndaelerweg 12. Directions here. Presenter: Laure-Anne Visele, Zoologist and Dog Behaviourist. Date and time:¬†Wednesday 29 March   …Continue Reading