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Dog treats: It’s not about how big it is. It’s what you do with it that counts

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Blog about the effective use of treats in dog training By zoologist and dog behaviour therapist Laure-Anne ViselĂ© OhMyDog is committed to providing evidence-based advice to help you train your dog. It can be tough to make the scientific consensus sound compelling, but in this case, it has never been easier! What is emerging from   …Continue Reading

Help! I have committed the “It’s OK, he doesn’t bite” crime

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Written by Laure-Anne Visele-Jonkman on 26 June 2020 Blog post about the ‘He doesn’t bite’ brigade I was walking with my super sociable dog on the street and he’d just happily greeted 2-3 people. My dog exudes kindness and sociability so much that people ask me all the time if they can pet him. He   …Continue Reading

Why your dog won’t get fat from using food in training

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You don’t need to give your dog EXTRA food in order to use food in training, and dogs who are trained with treats aren’t all morbidly obese. This is my boy, for example. He gets rewarded (with food) a million and a half times / day. He is hardly overweight, is he? Especially when you   …Continue Reading

Help! My Labrador puppy bites!

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  This little guy, despite his uber-cute face, doesn’t just have the puppy crazy five minutes. He gets the full-blown crazy 24 hours. Why they booked a dog behaviour advice visit His owners were getting conflicting advice from trainers, other dog owners, neighbours, etc. and none of the ‘commonsense’ stuff worked. They wanted an evidence-based   …Continue Reading

Teaching your dog not to jump up

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Why do dogs jump up? In most situations, they want to greet you, but are too rough about it. As innocent as it is, it can be annoying, scary and downright dangerous in some situations. Solution? Snubby princess Bob and his Obedience instructor Samantha demonstrate the *Snubby princess exercise to teach dogs not to jump   …Continue Reading