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On-line puppy classes: the little known advantages

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Written by Laure-Anne ViselĂ©-Jonkman (PG Dip, MSc, BSc, O&O KI) On Feb 4, 2021 Illustration credits at the end of the post You’ve been waiting SO long for your puppy to arrive and he’s finally here! You soon find out that that cute fluffy head can get quite naughty and, let’s face it, maddening at   …Continue Reading

The corona puppy generation

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Written by Laure-Anne Visele 27 March 2020 We dog trainers worry about a generation of corona puppies. In these times of social distancing, how on earth do you socialise your puppy?  The socialisation period When it comes to socialisating your puppy, you only have a limited time window (roughly 7 weeks to 3 months old).   …Continue Reading

Rescue a pup from a puppy milll?

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Ellie investigates the puppy import from Hungary to the Netherlands – Hungary being the most prominente land of origin of illegal pups. She uncovers a huge business: the illegal puppy trade is actually one of the top 3 most lucrative criminal activities in Europe (after the drugs trade). How does the illegal puppy trade work?   …Continue Reading

Puppies and kids: some words of advice from dog professionals

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We have prepared this quick fact-sheet to help you steer the interactions between your do and your kids.  Puppies and kids: The link leads to a collection of resources for safe child-dog interactions. The core points are: Understand dogs: Familiarise kids with dog body language, and teach them to respect it. Mine! Kids never grab   …Continue Reading

Littermate syndrome (nestgenoot syndroom)

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We sometimes get a mail in our inbox asking to register 2 pups at once. Instead of filling us with joy, we dread the moment that we’ll have to explain littermate syndrome to the unsuspecting owner. Littermate syndrome: what is it? Littermate syndrome is a phenomenon that we often see, whereby littermates who are raised   …Continue Reading