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On-line puppy classes: the little known advantages

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Written by Laure-Anne ViselĂ©-Jonkman (PG Dip, MSc, BSc, O&O KI) On Feb 4, 2021 Illustration credits at the end of the post You’ve been waiting SO long for your puppy to arrive and he’s finally here! You soon find out that that cute fluffy head can get quite naughty and, let’s face it, maddening at   …Continue Reading

Puppy class in The Hague: socialisation to kids

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Last week was kids’ day at OhMyDog! hondenschool Den Haag. The idea behind the exercise? To expose the pups to as many calm and positive interactions with kids as possible without overwhelming them. This, to teach them that kids are neither something to be afraid of, nor something to get all excited about. We invited   …Continue Reading