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Puppy class in The Hague: socialisation to kids

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Last week was kids’ day at OhMyDog! hondenschool Den Haag. The idea behind the exercise? To expose the pups to as many calm and positive interactions with kids as possible without overwhelming them. This, to teach them that kids are neither something to be afraid of, nor something to get all excited about. We invited   …Continue Reading

Dog training school: What is a Behaviour Coach?

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Written by Chad van Gessel, Behaviour Coach, November 2016 Picture credits at the end of the post. No modifications were made to any of the illustrations. About Chad Chad studied Animal Management, has his own dog¬†food delivery company here in The Hague,¬†works for the Dierenambulance, and is one of our Behaviour Coaches at the dog   …Continue Reading

Puppy socialisation in The Hague: wheelie bins

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OhMyDog!’s puppy trainer Tommaso demonstrating the key to exposing the pups to potentially scary stimuli: at such a distance that the pup NOTICES but DOES NOT MIND This time, we are getting them used to the sound of a big wheelie bin being rolled around. We instruct the dogs’ guardians to make a reward sound   …Continue Reading

Puppy socialisation in The Hague

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One of OhMyDog’s bombproofing exercises (i.e. how to give you a worldly dog that won’t bat an eyelid if a helicopter landed on your roof). This week was dress-up day: we all wore funny masks and and hats and uniforms and did the course as we usually do. As soon as a dog would notice   …Continue Reading

New class schedule is out for March 2016

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The latest class schedule is out. Our new cycle for Obedience 1 starts on Wednesday 2 March 2016. To register, click here. For the timetable in Dutch, click here.