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Nieuwe hondentrainers gezocht!

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Ben je op zoek naar de volgende uitdaging in jouw kennis van hondentraining en hondengedrag? Ben je op zoek voor een leuke (semi-)vrijwilliger part-time bijbaantje met honden voor op de lange termijn? Ben je benieuwd naar evidence-based hondentraining? Wil je in een klein, informeel, internationaal team 1 avond per week honden trainen? Neem een kijkje   …Continue Reading

Why great puppy classes give your pup the best start in life

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  More experienced dog owners ask themselves if they would benefit from puppy classes. We get that question a lot, so we thought we’d create an infographic to explain the benefits of a responsibly run puppy class, even for experienced owners.   Enjoy and share!    More info about the puppy class Book a spot   …Continue Reading

Help! My Labrador puppy bites!

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  This little guy, despite his uber-cute face, doesn’t just have the puppy crazy five minutes. He gets the full-blown crazy 24 hours. Why they booked a dog behaviour advice visit His owners were getting conflicting advice from trainers, other dog owners, neighbours, etc. and none of the ‘commonsense’ stuff worked. They wanted an evidence-based   …Continue Reading

Littermate syndrome (nestgenoot syndroom)

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We sometimes get a mail in our inbox asking to register 2 pups at once. Instead of filling us with joy, we dread the moment that we’ll have to explain littermate syndrome to the unsuspecting owner. Littermate syndrome: what is it? Littermate syndrome is a phenomenon that we often see, whereby littermates who are raised   …Continue Reading

A sample from our puppy class

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Many dog owners are curious about what our puppy classes entail. They sign up, but they are not sure what is involved.  This is why we asked Lucy Irvine to create a video of our classes. Note: this was filmed on our old field. We have moved since then.  Enjoy the cuteness!       Click   …Continue Reading