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Review article: EVERYTHING research has to say about why puppy needs love

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Written by Laure-Anne Visele-Jonkman on 15 June 2020 Based on Dietz et al’s 2018 article on the importance of early life experiences for the development of behavioural disorders in domestic dogs Summary in layman’s terms of a scientific article about the impact of a sub-optimal early environment in pups Introduction Dietz et al’s article is   …Continue Reading

When is it OK to pick up my dog?

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  Author: Laure-Anne ViselĂ© Written on: 17 Feb 2020   Is it OK to pick up your dog? Actually, that depends.   My dog is scared, and I want to help him In the following situations, it is absolutely a good idea to pick up your dog, as long as…  Your dog does feel safe in   …Continue Reading