Welcome to our team of dog trainers, Janneke!

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We are really happy to count Janneke van der Laan as one of our trainers.

Janneke brings impressive baggage with her: Janneke…

  • has a Master’s in neuroscience,
  • is a PhD candidate in dog welfare,
  • is a university lecturer on animal behaviour,
  • has a postgraduate specialisation in applied companion animal behaviour,
  • is an experienced foster-carer for special needs pets,
  • is studying for her O&O dog training instructor certification,
  • is a behaviour therapist for companion animals (specialising in horses, cats and dogs)

Janneke photo cropped

To topple it all, Janneke is the most modest, tactful, patient human being I’ve ever met.

Janneke will be acting as scientific advisor for the school’s technical welfare and cognition questions, and will act as substitute teacher when one of the regular trainer is sick or on holidays.

Welcome to our team of trainers, Janneke! Proud to count you as a regular at OhMyDog!

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