Dog training and behaviour centre – The Hague

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Wanted: dog trainer or intern to become dog trainer

OhMyDog The Hague is looking for dog trainers (aspiring or fully-fledged) for a semi-volunteer position. Click on vacancies for more information.

Welcome to OhMyDog The Hague, where we help you raise a relaxed, well-behaved dog.  

OhMyDog! gives all of our group lessons from our fenced off field in the Ockenburg Park (directions).

OhMyDog! offers the following services: 

  1. Dog training school (The Hague):
    1. Puppy classes: Give your pup the best start in life.
    2. Obedience: Make your dog’s obedience more reliable.
    3. Advanced obedience: To take your dog’s skills to the next level with challenging (but always fun!) exercises. 
    4. Obedience Beyond: Nice pasttime for you and your dog, challenge your dog with exercises from varied themes. 
    5. Kid-dog classes: (in Dutch): Educational and active exercises to strengthen the dog-child bond. 
  2. Individual guidance (The Hague and vicinity):
    1. Behaviourist: Behaviour advice from your home. When you don’t know where to turn anymore. 
    2. Private training: We tackle your priorities 1-to-1. 
  3. On-line guidance:
    1. Rescue dog advice: (worldwide) Weekly e-mail advice and a complete guide to give your newly adopted dog the best second chance.  
  4. Events (for animal organisations like pet stores or the municipality): (The Hague and region). Mail us to discuss the possibilities.
  5. Seminars (in the whole of the Netherlands, or from our lecture room in The Hague): For individuals or organisations (e.g. vet practices, pet stores). Mail us to discuss the possibilities.
    1. Zoologist’s secrets: Dog behaviour in the eyes of a zoologist. Evidence-based and fun.
    2. High Risk Dogs: Legislation, science, policies and society
    3. Other topics can be custom-designed for you


Puppy class

Group class for pups. Give your pup the best possible start in life. Open enrollment, so you can start every week.


Group course in Obedience to teach your dog to listen reliably.

Advanced obedience

Group course in advanced obedience, when your dog is ready for a nice challenge.

Obedience Beyond

Long-term hobby after completing your Obedience classes: keep Obedience skills fresh, new skills from varied themes (working dog, fun, sports) We start a new series of lessons every 5 weeks.

Dog behaviourist

*In-home dog behaviour advice by a certified dog behaviourist.

Private training lessons

*One-on-one training lessons where you want them, when you want them.

Rescue dog advice

*6-week advice and support plan for owners of recently rescued dogs.

Zoologist's secrets to dog behaviour

Seminar: Dog behaviour quirks explained by Zoologist. Evidence-based tips.