Laure-Anne Viselé-Jonkman

Laure-Anne Viselé-Jonkman

Role within OhMyDog! I started working as a dog behaviour therapist in 2009. Shortly after that, I co-founded OhMyDog together with ethologist Nicolle Bisshoff (who has since started her own solo dog training school). In 2018, Stephanie become co-director of OhMyDog and, since 2023, I transferred all my direction responsibilities to Stephanie. Since then, I have continued to work for OhMyDog, in the capacity of dog training instructor and behaviour therapist.

[caption id="attachment_576" align="aligncenter" width="199"]Rodge bday Roger, Laure-Anne’s dog[/caption]

Credentials: I am originally a French speaker, and have done a lot of growing up in the UK, where I studied Zoology (Newcastle University).

After my university studies, I obtained a postgraduate specialisation in Applied Animal Behaviour (Magna cum laude) and an official certification as Dog Training Instructor (O&O). I have also followed countless courses and seminars in ethology and specific training techniques.

I keep my knowledge up to date through life-long education (seminars and courses)n.

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ICT-Functional Management: Ik work part-time for the Royal Library in The Hague.

Behaviour therapy: I help people with their dog’s behaviour problems Behaviour therapy.

Lecturer: I am part of Annorlunda’s team of lecturers  .

Writing: I have written for many industry websites and magazines (such as the LosVast, Doggo and Wamiz)
I seek to create a relaxed atmosphere in all my activities, whilst giving transparent, evidence-based and animal-friendly advice.&nbsp

Personal experience: I have always been entrusted with ‘problem dogs’ due to my profession. Through my own dogs, I have gained personal experience with the behaviour problems of old-age cognitive dysfunction, shelter and streetdogs, chronic disease and working line overdrive. This has helps me approach my clients with empathy, understanding and no judgment.