Lucas Brands

Lucas Brands

Role at OhMyDog: I joined OhMyDog!’s team in March 2021. I feel right at home with the evidence based yet fun approach to dog training. When teaching Basic, Advanced and Beyond Obedience for OhMyDog, I adapt my teaching strategies to the needs of dog and owner, providing them with the tools they need to strengthen their bond.  

Credentials: As a social worker, I used to work alongside clinical behaviour analysts and I trained as a behaviour technician for which I co-wrote and implemented data-based behaviour modification plans. Though no longer working in that field, I have kept my knowledge up to date through courses in applied behaviour analysis (e.g. University of South Florida and TAGteach), as it is relevant to working with dogs too. 

I am currently studying to become a canine behaviourist through a regulated Canine Behaviour Practitioner programme (The DoGenius, level 5 diploma). This programme is preparing me both academically and practically to work as a canine behaviourist. I have taken a lot of other dog training and behaviour-related courses too, such as Module A and B at the O&O, Illis ABC’s Foundations of Animal Training and Shelter Training and Enrichment (Karen Pryor Academy). I have also attended a ton of webinars (e.g. Aggressive Dog - Mike Shikashio and the APBC - Dog-Ibox) 

[caption id="attachment_204" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Lucas and Wiske Lucas and Wiske, his working line Cocker Spaniel.[/caption]

Dayjob: I am focusing on my studies at the moment, and I am full-time personal assistant to my needy Working Cocker Spaniel Wiske. 

Personal experience: Wiske has taught me a lot about meeting the needs of working line dogs. Before developing chronic back issues, we used to do basic gundog training and scent work together. Not only does Wiske suffer health issues, but she also used to struggle with behaviour issues. A combination of management and knowledge, but also a lot of love & patience, have helped me successfully modify these issues. Having a working line dog with health and behaviour issues living as a pet in a city can be quite a challenge! Before Wiske I had two Schapendoezen (with whom I did FCI-obedience).