Safe and smooth dog training classes in uncertain corona times: it IS possible

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Written by Laure-Anne Viselé-Jonkman, Dog Behaviour Therapist and Dog training instructor (MSc, Postgrad. Dip., BSc, KI – O&O), 15 Jan 2021

The last few months have brought us to our knees like many other small business owners. We have cried. We have lost sleep. We have cursed. At times, it felt like our company – this company that we have nurtured like a child – was being punched in the face again and again.

But every time more measures were announced, we rallied together and did not rest until we had created a solid plan that allowed for safe classes. The past few months gave us plenty of chance to perfect these processes and problems which, a few months ago, seemed unsurmountable, now have tried-and-tested solutions. 

We are now in a position to smoothly respond to each new government measures with minimal disruptions to your courses: 

  1. *We seamlessly switch over to online lessons during times of strictest lockdown: 
    1. Same content and quality as physical lessons, and equally focused on practice and interaction
    2. With additional step-by-step homework and videos for the pups
  2. As soon as it is legally allowed, we switch back again to physical lessons under the following conditions:
    1. Outside
    2. In clearly separated corona bubbles
    3. In tiny groups respecting government guidelines
  3. For the dogs’ safety, we have always enforced a minimum distance of at least 2-4  meters between participants 

*Under the strictest lockdown conditions, lessons that require much space like scent-tracking, are postponed. Each student is informed in a timely and clear manner. 

After the so-manieth cycle of restriction – relaxation on government measures, we have found our groove in crisis management. We can breathe out, safe in the knowledge that we can keep giving you safe and continuous lessons in these uncertain times.

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