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Welcome to our team of dog trainers, Janneke!

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We are really happy to count Janneke van der Laan as one of our trainers. Janneke brings impressive baggage with┬áher: Janneke… has a Master’s in┬áneuroscience, is a PhD candidate in dog welfare, is a university lecturer on animal behaviour, has a postgraduate specialisation in applied companion animal behaviour, is an experienced foster-carer for special needs   …Continue Reading

Another roaring dog behaviour seminar in The Hague

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I had a great time presenting the theory evening in The Hague tonight. Teaching you about the science of dog behaviour so you an raise a well-adjusted, well-behaved pooch. A dog who is dying for his next training session and works for you with all his heart. Thank you to the students for being their   …Continue Reading

Releasing free hand-outs for common puppy problems

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We are happy to release the first series in our collection hand-outs on how to deal with puppy problems. The methods are science-based and dog-friendly. We’ve done our best to present them in a visually rich and clear, structured manner, to help you implement our methods. Please feel free to download and use for your   …Continue Reading