Janneke: One intern leaves, one intern arrives

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As sad as we are that Debbie is approaching the end of her ten-week dog training internship, we are happy to welcome Janneke as she starts hers.

Janneke studied Cognitive Neuroscience with a focus in animal behaviour and welfare. Janneke is a researcher at the University of Utrecht where she works on dog behaviour and welfare questions. She is also an animal behaviour therapist for cats, horses and dogs and, like Sabine (Peters) and myself, a certified applied behaviourist. She is currently attending the DogVision program which will certify her as a dog training instructor.

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As part of her dog training certification program, she has to follow an internship at a reputable dog training school. She picked us despite the great travelling distance to The Hague (she is based in Haarlem!) because of our shared high standards of evidence and animal welfare.

Janneke is an incredibly close fit to our dog training school, both philosophically and intellectually. We are hoping this is just the beginning of a loooooong-lived collaboration.

Want to come work with us to get more dog training practice? Share our evidence-based ambitions?  Check our internship page (in Dutch here)

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