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Welcome to our Advanced Obedience class, the course to fine-tune your dog’s obedience.


For whom is dog advanced obedience training?

Owners: People who want to give their dog’s obedience a little nudge forward. People who:

  1. Want to keep nice and busy with their dog after their Elementary Obedience course;
  2. Are contemplating following an FCI Obedience programme;
  3. Have a slightly older dog, and would like a bit of a refresher on some obedience points.

Dog’s skills: Dogs who have followed to have followed an obedience course previously (Elementaire Gehoorzaamheid level, like our own Obedience course). The dogs should master:

  • The clicker / clicker word
  • The sit
  • The recall 

If you are not sure your dog is up to Advanced Obedience yet, why not register him/her to the Obedience group first?

Dog’s age: From 1 year of age.

Dog’s temperament

  • Dogs who are sociable to humans and dogs
  • Dogs who don’t get aggressive or tense in the presence of food/toy
  • Dogs who can relax in a group environment where they have to wait their turn without getting extremely frustrated or extremely wound up

The class focuses on obedience (like the sit or the recall) and not behaviour problems (like nervousness, fear or aggression). If you are experiencing behaviour problems with your dog, our behaviourist would love to help you.    

Course objectives for the Advanced dog obedience training course

This course offers you a combination of ambitous and ‘stricter’ obedience exercises. Don’t be fooled by the high level, though: the lessons continue to be given in the typical relaxed and playful atmosphere at OhMyDog!

The course will teach your dog to:

  • Focus on longer and more challenging tasks, even with distractions
  • Execute the exercises in a relaxed and controlled way
  • Go through the exercises even without food help (for the perfectly mastered exercises)

And of course, because we never use force or intimidation, the course is another way of strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Curriculum of our Advanced obedience course

The course will give you the chance to get your hands dirty on exercises that come straight out of real life’s daily little challenges. We’ll also throw in some nice extra’s, because nobody said obedience training had to be rigid and boring.

Saartje, doing a great ‘leave it’ exercise with one of the tins of food we’ve dropped on her parcours


At the end of this course, you’ll have the tools to teach your dogs the following skills:

  • Retrieving (including letting go of an object on request)
  • Send away and return
  • Obedience at a distance and under longer durations (e.g. sit, stand or down)
  • Recall with stand
  • Heeling
  • Dental check
  • And then possible little extras like the halt, target touch and fun exercises

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