Puppy class in The Hague

Welcome to our Puppy Class in The Hague.

Unfortunately, our puppy classes are fully booked until 10 May. If you want to train with us, it would be wise to already register for the next obedience course, so that you can be one of the first on the waiting list. 

We are also giving lessons in these Corona times: We ensure safety and continuity for you and your puppy. Are you curious about our Corona policies? Read more here.


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Time (Tue)

From 11 May

17:30 or 18.10

Time (Wed)

18.50 or 19:30




open enrolment

every week







For whom is the puppy class?

Age: For puppies between 10 and 16 weeks. We also welcome slightly younger or older pups so do not hesitate to mention this in the sign-up form.

If your pup is 5 months or older, we would like to welcome you to the Obedience training course.

Owners: Curious what previous clients have to say about the puppy class? Why not check our testimonials page (search for the word ‘pup’)?


Puppy class objectives

With the puppy class, we give you 5 tools to help raise a polite and confident family and city dog: 

A quick look at our puppy class

We hope these pictures give you an idea of the puppy class in real-life. Enjoy the cuteness! 

You can also view a video of the puppy class here
(filmed on our old field).

Good to know about our puppy class

  • Focus on life-skills: The lessons focus more on life-skills than strict obedience because you only have one shot at the socialisation window. 
  • Open enrolment: To cut on waiting time, puppies can enrol every week. So groups are very diverse, mixing experienced and less experienced pups. The groups are small and we have a lot of staff, so each pup gets individual attention and is challenged at the right level.  
  • Supervised play: The pups can play together, but this is under supervision, with carefully picked playmates, and during only one dedicated lesson (during which we give live commentary about their body language and interactions).  This is why.

Need a little extra help with your pup?

If your dog is your first pup, we can imagine that you will be feeling overwhelmed at times. We strongly advise purchasing this book before the puppy comes home, so that you are prepared: Lifeskills for puppies (by Ellen Zulch). It is ethically and scientifically sound, beautifully illustrated, exhaustive and yet nice and short. 

We have also written some hand-outs to see you through Pup’s first days with you: 

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