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31 Oct







Welcome to our Beyond Obedience Class, for people who want to keep nice and busy with their dog after going through their Obedience classes. 


And, of course, this course deepens your bond with your dog, as we never use force or intimidation in our lessons. 

Themes for which you can already register

Each theme is a total of 5 lessons

  • 31 Oct 22 – Snout golf (full!): A new sport for your furry friend! Minigolf special for dogs. Teach your dog to push the ball over several obstacles.
  • 12 Dec 22 – Detection (extra group at 19:00): First introduction to detection work. Teach your dog to distinguish between different odours, and then find the samples hidden in/on a bike and even in a car! Just like border control dogs, but, instead of explosives or hard drugs, we are sending our pooches on a mission to catch ‘smuggled’ star anise, coffee or cardamom. Given by Yvonne Gerz (certified Nosebedience instructor)
  • 6 Feb 23 – Movie dog: Is your dog the new Lassie? Teach your dog funny, cute and challenging tricks from the movie world such as play dead, the shame pose (paw on the nose) and cheer-you-up (head on your lap).
  • 20 Mar 23 – Assistance dog: Nice (and useful!) tricks so that the dog helps out with the chores. Basic elements of assistance dog training.  

For whom is our Beyond Obedience class?

Owners: People who like to just keep busy with dog. People who enjoy training with us and want to keep doing it in the long term. 

Dog’s level: Dogs who have successfully completed their Basic Obedience (Obedience 1) and Advanced Obedience (Obedience 2) classes with us – or have followed classes of a similar level at another dog training school. 

Dog’s age: From twelve months old. 

Dog’s temperament:

The Obedience Beyond course is open to dogs who are sociable to unfamiliar dogs and people. Some dog behaviour problems get in the way of a positive lesson experience, and can even lead to the advice of stopping with the course (for animal welfare and/or safety reasons).  That is a waste of your money. Think, for example, of dogs who:  

  • Dogs who are sociable to even unfamiliar dogs and people
  • Dogs who show no aggression in situations where high-value resources are involved (bone, delicious treats, toys)
  • Dogs who do not get extremely frustrated waiting for their turn. 

The course does not focus on the above-mentioned behaviour problems. If you are experiencing these issues, please read more about our behaviour advice service.


If you are curious about what our past obedience students have to say about the course, check our testimonials page (look for the word (‘obedience’). 

Objectives of the Beyond Obedience course

  • Just a nice hobby for you and your dog, for the long term
  • Keep your dog’s Obedience skills from rusting up
  • Learn new skills through our varied themes (working dog, dog sports, fun)


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