Dog training school location (The Hague)


Dog behaviourist and one-to-one training sessions are given from your own home.

We give our group training lessons from the ‘Brigitta Valentijn’, in the beautiful Ockenburg Park in The Hague.

It is a safe, clean, quiet, and fenced off. This space is dedicated to you and your dogs (photos).

Our address is Wijndaelerweg 12, 2554BZ Den Haag. 

Attention! Do not send us any post to that address! There is no letterbox! E-mail us to get our office address if you want to send us something.  

The large map shows the school’s location in The Hague (yellow tar on the map).


By car

Driving South on the Ockenburgstraat (sea at your back):

  • Turn right onto the Wijndaelerweg where you see the Vishandel Ockenburgh (restaurant symbol on the map).
  • Watch you don’t turn right immediately again (onto Wijndaelerduin). Stay on the Wijndaelerweg!
  • Once you are there, drive all the way down the road, until you see the Golf Club Ockenburgh to your right.
  • Park anywhere from here (free parking). We are just across the road.

If you are driving North on the Ockenburghstraat (i.e. toward the sea, coming from the South):

  • Do a U-turn at the crossing of Laan van Meerdevoort en Ockenburghstraat
  • Then follow the Southwards instuctions


By public transport

  • Bus 24, 26, N3 = Westduin stop (850 m, Pink pin on the map)
  • Tram line 3, Pisuissestraat stop (1.1 km, Blue pin on the map)

For an interactive map, click here.