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Important: Unfortunately, OhMyDog! is fully booked for new behaviour therapy cases. 
We would like to make an exception for you if you have had lessons/sessions with us before or in case you were referred to us. 
Note: There are still spots for private training. 

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Welcome our Dog Behaviourist page, for evidence-based, in-home advice about dog behaviour (the Hague and vicinity – see Terms and conditions for catchment area).


Is a dog behaviour advice consultation for me? 

Yes, if you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour. For example, you: 

  • hate having guests over because your dog is too excited or aggressive
  • hate leaving the house because your dog can’t stay home alone
  • can’t pass other dogs (or people!) on the street because your dog lunges at them
  • are struggling to let your dog out as he/she is so scared

A dog behaviour advice consultation is for you if your the dog’s behaviour feels extreme to you: if you are getting nowhere with common sense and non-specialist advice.  

If you have just adopted your dog, please check our rescue dog manual.  

What do I get for this fee?

  • A 1.5 to 2-hour advice consultation, in your home, during which we will listen to you without judgment and investigate the problem together.
  • We will then send you evidence-based recommendations in a short report, and step-by-step instructions for the (always dog-friendly!) exercises we advise.
  • After the consultation, you may also benefit from additional practical training sessions (this is NOT included in the behaviour advice fee), during which you practise the exercises under our supervision.   

From that point, you take control of the situation. It is up to you to apply the advice we give. Behaviour interventions can take weeks (sometimes longer) to make a marked difference. This time, though, you will be working based on evidence-based and professional advice.  

Are the behaviourists’ qualified?

You are entrusting us with your dog’s mental health to us, and we take that responsibility seriously. These are our behaviourists’ credentials: Laure-Anne and  Stephanie

What do clients think? 

You can read more about our clients’ experiences with this service by typing ‘behaviour’ on our review page

Can you help every dog?

No. Some cases require (medical) specialists and/or a veterinary behaviourist; and some cases rely solely on management (physically keeping the dog out of the problem situation, life-long). If that is the case, we will share this with you honestly, and as soon as possible.