Dog behaviour therapy

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What kind of dog need behaviour therapy?

Dogs who have behaviour problems that go deeper than a spot of disobedience. Often, these dogs are struggling emotionally. These dogs get get too (easily) excited/scared/agressive, of stay excited/scared/agressive for too long. In general dogs who, because of their issues, are hard to live with, are good candidates for behaviour therapy.

Do you want to be able to do these things again with peace of mind?

  • Go to the restaurant without worrying about the damage/noise of his separation anxiety
  • Let your dog out at a decent hour because you’re no longer worried he’ll lunge at every dog or person he sees.
  • Welcome guests without being embarassed, or a nervous wreck in case he actually bites someone.

What is behaviour therapy?

We draw from psychology, psychiatry and ethology (biology of behaviour) to put together custom training exercises for your dog.

Behaviour therapy is not a quick fix: it will cost you time and effort to get results. Sometimes, you have to wait weeks, if not months, to see a profound difference

Our role is not to take over the dog from you, but to give you the tools and coaching you need to turn the situation around. You continue to be in charge of your dog and of applying the advice we give you. So behaviour therapy is an involved process on the part of the owner.

Which methods do we use?

Every dog is different, so we don’t follow fixed methods.

We do try to adhere to the most evidence-based guidelines possible, and we only use animal-friendly methods. That means no fear, intimidation or pain.

We also approach you, the person, with understanding and empathy. So, despite our serious objectives, we make sure the sessions are not just fun for the dog, but also for you.

What is a behaviour therapy plan

  1. (free and does not engage you to anything) We process your screening form
  2. A 2-hour long evaluation and advice session, at your house, in which we discuss:
    • Behaviour diagnosis and underlying reasons/factors
    • Prognosis and evaluation of seriousness
    • Training plan: custom therapy exercisees are explained and demonstrated
    • Management plan: tips to deal with urgent situations in terms of animal welfare and safety, and to slow down the worsening process.
  3. (optional) 4x short practical sessions (45 minutes each), in your home.

You can look at this document for our fees. For our working hours, please consult this document.


You are entrusting us with your dog’s mental health, and we take that responsibility seriously.

This is why serious behaviour therapists have years of experience, a solid academic background, membership to reputable professional organisations and official certifications.

You can find our behaviour therapy credentials below. For a more complete profile, you can check our staff page.

Is my dog too old? Has he had the problem too long?

Rare are the dogs for whom it is too late for behaviour therapy. We help with older dogs just as often as we help for younger ones.

Having said that, the younger the dog and the shorter the problem has existed, the lesser therapy effort you’ll need to put in.

So whatever you do, don’t wait and wait, as these problems tend to get worse and worse. This would cost you more in the long run.

Can we help every dog?

No. Some cases require (medical) specialists and/or a veterinary behaviourist.

This is why we have two pre-set evaluation moments:

  1. Analysis of the screening form (so before we even meet)
  2. Evaluation of progress after 4x practical lessons

If we, after these two points, are having serious doubts about the prognosis of the dog with behaviour therapy alone, we will, together with you, weigh up the decision of a referral to the right specialist. This puts clear spending barriers so you know the process is not endless.


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