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Please note: We will change our prices for private training sessions from 1 November 2021 (from 220 euros) to 240 euros for 4 private training sessions.

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From 1 Nov 21

Welcome our Private training page, for one-to-one dog training sessions from your home.


For whom are one-on-one dog training lessons meant?

The one-on-one lessons are meant for: 

  • People for whom the group lesson times are inconvenient, so you can follow the puppy class or the obedience course at times that are convenient to you, from the comfort of your own living room.
  • Dogs for whom, for health or behaviour reasons, a group course is not a good fit. 
  • People who want to focus on specific obedience imperfections, rather than follow a generic course.
  • Dogs for whom follow-up training sessions were advised during the behaviourist consult

If you are curious how our clients experience our one-on-one lessons, take a look at our testimonials page, then look for ‘private training’ or ‘one-on-one training’. 

What happens during the one-on-one dog training sessions?

Our one-on-one trainer (and co-owner of the school), Stephanie, comes to your home for practical sessions.

She tailors the lesson material to yours and the dog’s needs and listens to your wishes and preferences. The trainer will adapt the dog training exercises and the amount of practice between lessons to your daily rhythm and individual circumstances.

The sessions are informal and fun, but focused on results. We keep a sharp eye on progress and adapt our advice if you are having difficulties. You won’t reach your long-term goal by the end of the lesson package, but our professional guidance will help you develop the solid skills you need to get your dog to the next level. 

Your one-on-one trainer is a coach above all else, with the motivational benefits that this entails. You are ultimately responsible for following the management and practice advice between sessions, but the weekly visits give your training efforts the necessary boost and structure to keep you progressing.

When the one-on-one sessions were advised as follow-up to behaviour advice, the trainer will guide you through the first practical steps of behaviour modification, starting you off on the right track. 

The trainer can bring specialist material with her, like (convincing) fake dogs of different shapes and sizes or even herself playing the role of the trigger where the problem situation concerns people. This way, we can expose your dog to the problem situation in a responsible and controllable way, which gives you a safe and constructive learning environment to start working on behaviour modification. The behaviourist-trainer remain in regular contact about your dog’s progress for the duration of your private practical sessions.

Behaviour modification and dog training methods

Like all other OhMyDog! services, the one-on-one dog training sessions follow evidence-based guidelines and dog-friendly methods. This means that we never use pain, compulsion, fear or intimidation.

Dog training and behaviour therapy credentials

Serious dog professionals not have experience but they are also on the cutting edge of education in their field. To that end, Stephanie has relevant professional and academic certifications (see below) and continues to invest in continuous education through seminars and workshop. We also keep abreast of relevant findings in the scientific literature and the latests technical developments in our field. We can proudly say that we are not stuck in old habits and tradition.

Stephanie’s specific credentials can be found below:

  • Professional Certification by the Hondenspecialist (in behaviour modification and puppy coaching)
  • BSc in Animal Health and Management (fast track). Dissertation on the financing of PTSD services dogs and internship at OhMyDog! (magna cum laude)
  • MBO Animal Management (fast track) with internships at a police dog centre, a pet store, and a Rottweiler trainer/breeder.
  • Actively gathering specialist knowledge in dog behaviour and training since 2014.

You can find Stephanie’s complete profile on this page.


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