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Welcome our Private training page, for one-to-one dog training sessions from your home.


For whom are one-on-one dog training lessons?

The one-on-one lessons are ideal for people who:

  • Are not available during the standard lesson times for group lessons. You can follow the curriculum for our puppy or obedience courses at another time. 
  • Have a dog for whom, through his/her behaviour or medical issues, a group course is not suitable. 
  • Would like to focus on specific obedience imperfections, without following the entire group curriculum.
  • Would like to work on skills at the location where the dog shows that specific behaviour, for example: at home or in the neighbourhood or at the forest/park.
  • Have had a behaviour advice session where one-on-one practical sessions were recommended.

If you are curious how our clients experience our one-on-one lessons, take a look at our testimonials page, then look for ‘private training’ or ‘one-on-one training’. 

Where and when do the lessons take place?

One of the advantage of private sessions is that you can pick a practical spot together with your trainer. This can be a quiet market square or a little enclosure in your neighbourhood, or at the local park or even in your own garden.

The private sessions are scheduled from Monday – Friday, until 18:30. On Saturday only on request + limited availability.

Which points do we tackle during private training? 

Here are some examples of common training goals: 

  • Come when called
  • Learn to stay home alone (for puppies)
  • Do not steal from my counters/coffee table
  • Reactivity on the lead (sometimes, after a behaviour advice session)
  • Jumping up against people
  • A better connection during walks
  • Learn basic commands
  • Not pulling on the lead (e.g. when enthusiastic towards other dogs/people)

Dog training methods

Like all other OhMyDog! services, the one-on-one dog training sessions follow evidence-based guidelines and dog-friendly methods. This means that we never use pain, compulsion, fear or intimidation.

How do private lessons work?

You discuss your priorities with the trainer, and we take into account your dog’s temperament, your routine, and other relevant aspects to help you get started with practice, together with your dog, as soon as possible. 

Several options are possible:

  • Condensing a group course into 4 standard lessons (like the puppy class or the behaviour course)
  • Working on a tailor-made programme of 1 – 4 lessons.

After a practical explanation, you start practising under our guidance. We then guide you on the following aspects (among others):

  • Working in harmony with your dog 
  • Effective rewards for your dog
  • Getting to your goal step by step
  • Challenging, but not impossible

Will I reach my goals?

We make sure your lessons take place in a relaxed and playful atmosphere, while always keeping an eye on progress and results; adapting our advice as need be.

Are your goals long-term in nature? We will tell you this straight. Our goal: Giving you the necessary tools to keep training independently from us. 

You are ultimately responsible for following our management and training advice between lessons, but our regular appointments will give you the push and structure you need to make progress. 

Who are my private trainers?

Private sessions are given by Yara, Romy, Indre and Stephanie. 

We will choose your private trainer based on expertise and availability. 

For details about their credentials, you can always check out this page.

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