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Sammy the cloud dog shows you the name of every dog we have helped raise into a polite, happy dog since we started in 2013. Many Sammies, Pips and Bobbies, but also many fond memories, happy dog parents, and well-behaved dogs. You can hear the voice of some of these OhMyDog! customers below (some were translated from Dutch).

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Reading nice words about us on GoogleFacebook, or Doggo always makes our day so if you loved your time with us, would you consider taking a few minutes to leave a few words there? It is rewarding to read about happy clients, and it keeps us striving to give you the best training experience.

Rosa with Tess (Catalan shepherd cross)

Experienced dog training school where I'd love to go back for a follow-up course! They teach you these little tips that make a world of difference in how effective your training is. (they teach in a really positive way, without forcing the dog or anything) Friendly trainers with lots of trainers personal attention for everyone. I also appreciated that the classes were given to very small groups of dogs.

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Oleksandra for Charlie (Stabby/Border Collie)

Laure-Anne and her team provided great training, adjusting to the needs and level of students. Our dog got all the necessary attention, and we got enormously valuable knowledge, many tips and answers to all our questions. Strongly recommend ▼・ᴥ・▼

External review from Google

Lisette for Barco

Since Laure-Anne came to our house for a behaviour therapy session, I can read my dog better, and I know what he needs to understand what I want from him. I am now walking much confidently on the street, because I understand what I can and can't expect from him. Although Laure-Anne works with sustainable solutions in which your own time investment, as the dog's owner, are core (no quick fix), we already started noticing a difference in our bond with the dog, and in the dog's will to work, a couple of days after we started working on the exercises. The consultation took place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and I noticed that my dog immediately felt comfortable with Laure-Anne. Laure-Anne really listened to our worries and questions, and really observed the dog astutely. Using her extended knowledge, she delivered a tailor-made solution for us. She made sure that no additional lessons were booked and did not try to sell more lesson time unnecessarily. I highly recommend Laure-Anne for everyone who wants to better understand and coach their dog, even with older dogs with physical problems, as is the case for us.

Lotte with Thijs (Boxer)

Super nice, and qualified, trainers. Thijs is happy with his diploma! Thank you for the nice training lessons! 🐾 Love, and see you soon for our next course.

(translated from Dutch) External review from Facebook

Kirsty and Maya (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen)

We are so pleased that we contacted Laure-Anne to help us with our dog. We love our dog to bits but there was some troubling behaviour that we could no longer ignore. For example, walking her had become a nightmare, as she would freak out at any dog we came across. Now, with Laure-Anne’s help, we all enjoy walks again, including our dog who is a lot calmer. This has had a hugely positive impact on our lives. Really enjoy the fact that Laure-Anne offers quick fix management solutions, as well as long-term training. This means you can get almost instant results and yet work at improving lasting behaviour. It’s also really interesting to learn about the science behind the techniques. Thank you for our tailor-made course!

External review from Google

Kimberly with Elinor (Olde English Bulldogge)

We enjoyed our classes and though the theory class at the beginning was a great idea. We would encourage anyone who wants to enhance their relationship with their dog(s) to join!

External review from Google

Anne-Gaëlle Willaerts with Atlas (Golden Retriever)

At Oh My Dog, you’ll get ultra competent instructors who offer tailor-made lessons, adapted to your dog’s character and age, in green surroundings. Ideal when you’ve adopted a puppy and want to create a close bond with him! I highly recommend them! Many thanks again for all you did!

External review from Google

Irith with Prince (Akita)

Very nice and good school. I learned a lot with my Akita puppy. A must for everyone.

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Jennifer (Dog shelter and BuStaPit employee, and high-level competitions with own pitbulls)

I attended the High Risk Dogs seminar organized by OhMyDog. I highly recommend it to anyone: whether you work with dogs professionally, or are a regular dog owner! The seminar was about what the current policies and legislation regarding the dogs listed as High Risk by the (Dutch) government. The seminar also discussed the issues critically, based on scientific facts, and with a focus on animal welfare.

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Martijn with Max (Labradoodle)

Great place to deepen the bond with your dog, and to learn that training can be fun (for you and for your dog!). Laure-Anne is great in her dealings with dogs and the ‘owners’. Our Labradoodle, Max, came into our house when he was 2 years old already. This course helped put us on track to him feeling completely at home in the family!

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Liesbeth with Guus (Dutch sheepdog)

I recommend Laure-Anne’s animal-friendly and science-based puppy course to everyone!

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Anja with Bob (Labrador)

We went on to the obedience course after we finished the puppy class with Bob. It was fantastic, just like the puppy course. The positive approach, and the explanations, worked really well. It was hard work, and a lot of practice, but definitely worthwhile. We will definitely continue with the next course. We (and our dog!) learned a lot and, but we also had lots of fun. We definitely recommend OhMyDog.👍👍😀😀😀

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Barbara with Koffie (Shetland sheepdog)

Our adventure with OhMyDog! started 10 weeks ago. When our puppy Koffie came to live with us. We immediately decided to follow the puppy course, so that we could socialise him and, ourselves, learn as much as possible. If you have a cute puppy, you often do not think about the adult animal that he will soon be. What kind of animal do you get, depends on yourself and what you do. The very first weeks at your home are the most important. My partner and I believe that, thanks to a solid education, we will have more fun with our dog. What we really liked at OhMyDog! is that it not only teaches the pup something, but it also teaches the ourselves a great deal: about dog psychology and how to deal with puppies. Our teacher - Sabine Boks - was very involved. We learned how to communicate with Koffie and practice different commands. It feels really great when your puppy is 4 months old and can sit, lie down, bark, follow, jump, dance... you get the necessary tools to get there during the lesson. Groups are small and that ensures a lot of 1 on 1 attention. Every lesson we discussed beforehand our questions, which were then answered, this was also very nice. OhMyDog! is a team of fun, professional, passionate people. And this atmosphere during every lesson combined with a satisfied puppy is a real reward. We will continue with OhMyDog! and soon we will start with obedience

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Gita with Ike (Barbet)

Great location to socialise and guide your puppy/dog in a fun way. Experienced trainers who clearly have a great love for dogs.

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Karolin met Nando (French Bulldog)

Followed the Puppy Socialization Course - English version. Team is amazing and we enjoyed the experience very much. Highly recommend to participate! Puppies have fun there as well their owners. Will be also following the Obedience I course in the future.

External review from Google

Stacy with Charlie (Omani)

Very professional! Given very useful information on the first meeting and an honest opinion on my dog. She could see that my dog needs more medical help, as well as the training. Instead of drawing out a long attempt (and more money) to try and correct my dog, she recommended a Veterinarian for me to consult! Easy to work with and always courteous.

External review from Google

Clarissa with Frankie (Yorkshire Terrier)

Every euro spent with Laure-Anne was worth it. She came thoroughly prepared, explained the issues clearly, helped both us and our dog to learn the exercises, and followed up with us promptly -- all with a friendly and professional manner.

External review from Google

Elizabeth with Fabian (Boxer)

We started the obedience for the family dog course with a very enthusiastic and excited boxer. Our main goal was to get a calmer dog that didn’t jump on everyone he meets, and to not harass guests with his intense happiness, jumping and licking. I am happy to announce that we have just completed our first weekend with an overnight guest and a calm dog. He ended up sleeping with his head in the guest’s lap. We still have a lot of training ahead of us, but I’m so proud of my dog for coming this far. Huge thanks to Laure-Anne for all the help we got. Would absolutely recommend OhMyDog!

External review from Facebook

Ana with Guzman (Basset Hound)

It was fun, my dog and I we both learned a lot! Laure-Anne and Sabine are great trainers, they have a lot of patience and are always very kind with all their students 😉 It was a great experience and I'll always recommend.

External review from Google

Bart with Guus (Vizsla)

Top dog training school! Really nice lessons and competent instructors. My dog, Guus, and I, have learnt a lot here. A lot thanks to the good theoretical underpinnings of the lessons and exercises. We are definitely registering for the next course.

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Maria with Buddy (English Staffordshire Terrier)

A scientific approach to how to raise your dog to become a good K9 citizen. Laure-Anne, the owner of Ohmydog, stays up to date with the latest research and applies it to the training. My dog has developed immensely thanks to her knowledge, tips, and training. Especially liked that there was a course held only in English [OMD note: we have courses in Dutch too. Maria is pointing out that the lessons are separate]. Great for us that haven't grasped the Dutch language just yet!

External review from Facebook

Randall with Rover (Pitbull x Olde English Bulldogge)

Enthousiastic trainers and equally enthousiastic owner. Relaxed training classes without fuss. Just keeping nice and busy with your dog. I would absolutely recommend them.

External review from Facebook (translated from Dutch)

Axel with Elsa (Labrador)

Great course in english and dutch with friendly teachers that will help you with individual problems with your dog aswell as the general training for the whole class. Definitley would recommend

External review from Google

Sandra with Bronte (Ridgeback)

I attended both the basic obedience and puppy socialisation courses with OhMyDog and thought they were excellent. Our dog progressed so much throughout the courses, not least of which because the instructors are so knowledgeable and the course is designed to cover so many every day issues you have with a puppy. Loved it and thoroughly recommend!

External review from Google

Rebecca with Mia (Labradoodle)

As a first time dog owner, with a very lively Labradoodle OhMyDog has been a massive help in the first few months of having a puppy! I took two courses with my puppy, Mia and these courses have given us the confidence and techniques to use in everyday situations. Lovely trainers and relevant information on the courses tailored to suit the needs of the pupils, I would highly recommend.

External review from Google

Michaela with Zoe (Border Collie)

Very friendly, professional and dog-interest driven school with very fun approach that let you enjoy every lesson with your furry friend.

External review from Google

Chris and Renalda with Bob (Labrador)

(Google review, about the Obedience for the family dog course) Great Science based dog training, did puppy and follow up obedience course. This course had real world results in dog attitude at the vet, on lead and with other dogs. Great coach's who gave us tools we could understand at that you could actually see working, loved it!

(Facebook review, about the Puppy class) Very good puppy course (we took English version), based around principles of dog psychology (understanding 'Why' he reacts how he/she does), grounded in practical application in a group of approx 5/6 pups. Highly recommended and will be moving on to the Obedience course next based on the super results with our new dog.

External reviews from Facebook and Google

Sandhya with Roku (Shiba Inu)

Laure Anne was great in training my puppy Roku. He was very bad with recall and that was the reason why I wanted obedience training. After training he listens quite well and has become much more disciplined. All thanks to ohmydog training school.. Laure Anne is so helpful and supportive. Would highly recommend her..

External review from Google

Sanna and Michiel with Lumi (Golden Retriever)

We started on the puppy course with our 10 week old Golden Retriever and we all enjoyed the classes very much. We are the first time dog owners and the puppy course was a great learning experience for us. The trainers are fantastic, and the possibility to do the course in English is great, because my Dutch is still a bit rusty. We are really looking forward to continue on the follow-up course!

External review from Google

Ivonne with Bagus (miniature Schnauzer)

Just completed our puppy classes and the Obedience for the family dog course with our 10-month old pup. What a great team of trainers! We have learned so much, and there is a nice atmosphere with lots of individual attention for each dog and owner! We are starting the advanced obedience course in September. It is such a nice way of spending time together with your dog ! I definitely recommend you follow a course at this training school!

External review from Facebook (translated from Dutch)

Bert with Floortje (Labrador)

I would like to bring some limelight to 'Oh my dog'. Floortje followed her Puppy lessons and her Obedience course there. Laure-Anne is very knowledgeable about dogs and managed to bring this to life during the theory lesson. The other trainers there were also all clearly very competent. Floortje followed her lessons with Sabine and a couple of her colleagues. Sabine's didactics were strong, and she was super sweet to the dogs. We really appreciated that Oh my dog only allowed a maximum of 6 dogs per group. This ensured that relative calm reigned during the lesson, and allowed for lots of individual attention for each dog. In short, I really recommend them! Thank you very much for the fine learning environment!

Mascha and Carlos with Blue (Cane Corso mix)

Spend time with your dog with humour, patience and lots of tips. We really enjoyed it! We don't have a perfect dog buuuuut... We're not far off ;  P We are definitely continuing with a third round of classes not because we have to, but because it's nice! 🙂

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Gideon and Quirine with Puck (Dachshund)

We followed the puppy class with our dachshund, 8 weeks old at the time. Every week we saw more progress in our dog, and also with ourselves. Every instructor has been great, and showed a personal approach to each dog and student. We are definitely following the follow-up obedience course!

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Ernst and Karin with Akita (Husky)

Thanks to the course given by Sabine (Boks), we are learning more and more about Husky behaviour. This helps understand Akita better. Akita has showed clear progress as a result of the course. We are also relieved that Akita can now stay calm even when close to other dogs.

(Translated from Dutch)

Angela with Cairo (Bordeaux dog)

Really good doggy school, our dog always enjoyed it, good and clear explanations, laura-anne and her team clearly love dogs. Just finished the puppy class, now onto obedience 1 👍🏻

External review from Google (translated from Dutch)

Denise and Jamie with Joy and Simba (Icelandic Sheepdogs)

Our first lessons with Ohmydog were the obedience course. We took this last year with our Icelandic sheepdog: Simba. Simba is our first dog, and it would be the first time we followed dog training lessons. There are so many dog training schools in the area that we didn't know which one to pick. What made the difference was Ohmydog's evidence-based principles: techniques that are supported by scientific research. This is an important point for me, and it demonstrates that the school doesn't just randomly select their exercises. What they are doing works, and they can demonstrate it. Simba was too young to join at first, but I knew that the adult course was a perfect fit for him; Laure-Anne saw this too. I have to say that Icelandic Sheepdogs are extremely smart and keen to learn. That comes hand in hand with a dog who becomes bored when not stimulated. Laure-Anne knew to keep Simba challenged at every lesson, adapting the exercise to his level each time. We are still reaping the benefits of that course; among other things, he masters waiting on command, not stealinging from the table, and coming back immediately in case of danger. Last June our second Icelandic Sheepdog, Joy, arrived. We'd enjoyed the course with Simba so much that we didn't need to look far for Joy's training course. We registered her for the puppy course, this time. And this course also met our expectations! Laure-Anne is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs and dog behaviour. She knows what she's doing, and she bases her advice on scientific research. You learn to approach your dog in a positive way that does not reward unwanted behaviour. She has so much love and passion for her field of work. So both she, and her instructors, deserve five stars! Keep up the good work, Ohmydog. I certainly recommend your school to anyone who asks!

External review from Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pg/OhMyDogDenHaag/reviews/), translated from Dutch

Natasha with Buddy (Golden Retriever)

For the first time in our lives, we have a dog as family member: "Buddy". Buddy is a super sociable, blonde Golden Retriever. But yes, how were we going to raise her? I googled local dog training schools and "ohmydog" caught my attention because of their reviews. Buddy has just finished her puppy course (we have already signed up for the follow-up obedience course), and I have to tell you: I am super happy with the course and the way the lessons are given. The personnel is really motivated, and have great practical tips, as well as a lot of  knowledge about dogs. See you in January for my next course!

External review from Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pg/OhMyDogDenHaag/reviews/), translated from Dutch

Lindsay with Mabel (English Setter)

We just finished our 10 week obedience training course with our 6 month old English Setter. We have had many dogs through out our life and have attended many obedience classes, but none have compared to the technique that Laure-Anne teaches. The approach that Laure-Ann takes and the theory behind the lessons, I found to be particularly helpful--It was nice to hear the reasoning behind the teachings and not just be told what to do. I would be lying if I said that Mabel was now the perfect, she is now only 7 months---but she has come a long was and now we now have the tools to help her get to that perfect point. I appreciated the small class size and the fact that she gave every dog individual attention. The fact that Laure-Anne is open to answering questions during the class is also great. . Laure-Anne and her team definitely know how to work with dogs and communicate proper training techniques effectively to their owners. I would definitely recommend "Oh my Dog" to anyone.... We will be joining the next Obedience class.

External review from Google (http://bit.ly/2g20guF)

Cecilia with Zeus (German Shepherd)

Wonderful experience. I have joined the puppy course with my 3 months old German Shepherd Zeus and we both loved it. The atmosphere is really friendly, you can see that the trainers really love dogs and know how to teach them! I cannot wait to start the obedience school with them!

External review from Google (http://bit.ly/1XjiDOx)

Sonia with Lutèce (Golden Retriever)

I am the proud owner of a teenage Golden Retriever who is behaving perfectly except for the barking at home when I was leaving for work in the morning. I contacted OhMyDog because I had no idea how to fix a behavior that was occurring when I was not there. After one consultation the trainer identified the problem and suggested several ideas on how to fix the issue. And within one week, we fixed the problem! A happier dog, a happier owner and happier neighbours ! Many thanks to OhMyDog from Lutèce and me!

Sarah with Jarrah (Australian Shepherd)

I would highly recommend the OhMyDog! training school in The Hague. I have really enjoyed both the puppy and obedience classes which I took this year with my Australian Shepherd. The puppy classes provide owners with everything they need to get started with a new pup, from socialization techniques to basic commands. And the obedience classes build on that foundation to ensure a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog. Laure-Anne and her trainers are knowledgeable and experienced in dog training and behaviour therapy. They clearly explain the theory behind each of the techniques they teach, and tailor the exercises to match your dog's needs and abilities. And the class sizes are kept small to ensure plenty of one-on-one attention for you and your dog. The classes were always fun, and I loved hearing Laure-Anne's anecdotes based on her experiences with her own dog. Laure-Anne has also provided more general guidance and support, which I found particularly helpful as this is the first Aussie I've owned.

External review from Google (http://bit.ly/1XjiDOx)

Francois with Laos (White Shepherd)

Being a first time dog owner I found going to the OhMyDog! puppy class and then the obedience class very helpful and reassuring. My Swiss White Shepherd really enjoyed socializing with other dogs and I really enjoyed Laure-Anne's and her team's tips and advices (which are always told with nothing but care and understanding). The whole OhMyDog! philosophy is based on a humane and kind relationship between you and your dog and you can feel that Laure-Anne is speaking from experience. The theoretical part of the class was eye-opening for me, and I feel I can now understand what my and other dogs are expressing through their body language which is a very useful thing in a crowded situation. I would highly recommend the school to any dog owner and dog lover. Thank you!

External review from Google (http://bit.ly/1XjiDOx)

Annika & Paige (herself a dog trainer) with Oops (Podenco)

These people are professional, kind, smart and easy to work with. They really love dogs and it shows. We are so grateful for their help in sorting out our super energetic puppy with patience and encouragement.

External review from Doggo.nl (http://bit.ly/1DGHaV2)

Zahra and Shervin with Franz (Teckel mix)

We would like to take this opportunity and to extend our thanks to you, and your team for the great training course. We appreciate and encourage OhMyDog's efforts to provide this type of quality training to the trainees and to the dogs. It provided us and Frantz an opportunity to increase our skills. Thank you sincerely for the opportunity. I loved to feel that Frantz loved his classes and loved Wednesdays. I could see he was waiting for me to get back home and take him to the class.

Ria with Midas (Bull Terrier)

We followed the OhMyDog! puppy class with our dog, Midas. It was a really nice course: good exercises. Particularly the ones we could use at home. Relaxed atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. And now, on to Obedience One. Here's hoping it stays dry because Midas hates the rain -))

External review from Doggo.nl (http://bit.ly/1DGHaV2), translated from Dutch

Magda & Chris with Oro (Landseer)

Friendly and efficient atmosphere. Cool and knowledgeable instructors! Real dog lovers!

External review from Facebook (http://on.fb.me/1Z8oRPQ)

Mariella with Eli (Pit Bull)

Really great course, good coaching, lots of invididual attention and above all, really nice for both owner and dog.

External review from Facebook (http://on.fb.me/1Z8oRPQ), translated from Dutch

Daria with Lily (Japanese Spitz)

We followed puppy lessons with OhMyDog! Positive, entertaining, and energetic lessons filled with gleeful exercises. The training provided a lot of support for the proper education of the puppy and teaching her good manners! Thanks a lot!

External review from Doggo.nl (http://bit.ly/1DGHaV2)

Manon with Charlie (Beagle)

We followed the puppy class, then later, with our adolescent dog, the obedience 1 class, at Oh My Dog. Our dog (and ourselves!) have learnt so much from these friendly and knowledgeable instructors! The theory evenings were also super instructive! There was always time for extra questions and we left the field a little bit wiser each time. I highly recommend them!

External review from Doggo.nl (http://bit.ly/1DGHaV2), translated from Dutch

Martijn with Ellis (Malinois cross)

Oh my dog is a really great school where our young dog has learnt a lot. The instructors are all friendly and really passionate. For the dog, it was party-time every week with lots of treats. We also had a lot of questions about our adolescent dog, of course, and the instructors always took the time to listen and give good advice. In short, I would highly recommend it!

External review from Doggo.nl (http://bit.ly/1DGHaV2), translated from Dutch

Lilian and Marcus with Milo (Kooikerhondje)

We would like to thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us, for the tips and tricks. It has been of great help to us raising Milo. And also thanks for the detailed homework e-mails, now we can always refer back to the guidelines.

Marco and Anouk with Becka (Jack Russell mixed breed)

Becka came to live with us about a year ago. We had just adopted her from Spain and right from the start, she found everything scary. Her coping strategy was to bluff her way through. She would bark, growl and lunge at everything and everyone she didn't trust (people, other dogs, cars, loud noises, etc.). Thankfully, she was a lovely dog at home and she quickly learnt to relax there. We sought the help of a behaviour therapist over the first few months, then we started with a few private lessons from OhMyDog!. And yes, after nine months, Becka was ready to participate in her first group lessons - with other dog closeby. We followed the obedience 2 course. The group was very small, so a each dog and owner could get a lot of attention from the instructor. During class, Becka didn't just gain basic training skills, but she learnt to be more self-confident, so she started to react a lot less to her triggers. This makes living with her - and walking her - nicer and nicer. We are really grateful to the ladies for their input, their explanations and their help. We are most definitely coming back to train some more and just join the Fun.

(Translated from Dutch)

Bea with Duke (Airedale Terrier)

Nice, dedicated teachers with a heart for dogs and their people!!!! Solid step-by-step instructions, and above all a really nice atmosphere. I appreciated how quick they were to intervene when the saw Duke was getting wound up, asking other owners to get their dogs to look away from Duke. Very supportive.

(Translated from Dutch)

David and Caron with Scruffy (German Shepherd)

We have thoroughly enjoyed our puppy classes with Laure-Anne and her assistant trainers. The small class size was ‘intimate’ enough that we don’t feel like we are missing out (we all received individual attention during class and they made sure to help us understand our goals and mistakes we make), moved along at a good pace and they always ensured that we and the puppies all have sufficient room. Having been to a few puppy courses before, we found that the explanations and theory behind each lesson Laure-Anne gave to be particularly useful as it demonstrates to us the different scenarios and motivations that drive our beloved four-legged friends and family members. It specifically clarifies for me why sometimes a lesson our puppy has learned works and why sometimes it won’t. We think these classes provide us with the basic tools to bringing up Fido, and whilst they may not do all we think we want, what is more important is that we get what we actually need. We found each class to be fun (with some play-acting and playgrounds thrown in) and Fido came away happy every week. It is also very good value for the price of the course as not only did we receive a written-up summary of the class each week, we are presented with the proverbial doggy-bag filled with useful items like puppy toys, treats and even a safety LED light at our last class! Laure-Anne and her team certainly seem to have experienced their share of puppy classes and have come up with the formula to a successful first course for puppy

Tom with Kaya (Border Collie)

Having a border collie puppy requires that you socialise your dog in a good way, which is challenging the dog whilst taking care they don't get bored. Managing the high energy and focusing the intellect is the main challenge for the breed and all this was achieved at the puppy course. You get fun exercises based on scientific knowledge which provide you some good directions for the socialisation process. Whether you are already experienced in raising puppies or not, you will definitely learn something new aiding you in the education of your dog. I would recommend OhMyDogSchool to owners of working breed puppies and to properly challenge your dogs.

Kitty with Dodo (Labradoodle)

Great dog training school that I would recommend to everyone! Besides really good practical lessons in small groups, and a relaxed atmosphere, they also give an especially good theory evening on dog body language and on dog behaviour. Really instructive!

External review from Doggo.nl (http://bit.ly/1DGHaV2), translated from Dutch

Eva with Zoey (Border Terrier)

The fun class was really nice and so much fun. I found the general atmosphere and the approach really good. And the beautiful surroundings. Even the start/end times were convenient. Zoey enjoyed herself, really, and that's what it's all about.

(Translated from Dutch)

Ingrid with Teagan (Dachshund)

The fun class atmosphere was really convivial. We had a nice small group. I loved the positive approach, even when the dog doesn't work it out immediately. Nice approach to teaching, with clear explanations. Really nice to work on beginner tracking. That's what's fine with the fun class: you just do it. Nice and varied games too (brain games): really nice idea to use trees too, your creativity is fantastic. I would love to see a follow-up course.

(Translated from Dutch)

Brent with Bogart

As an expat, your language abilities are a big +!!! I had some difficulty in following courses in Dutch at other training schools, while the environment was not near as welcoming to non-nederlanders.

Bart Schouten (himself a dog trainer) with Kane (Wolfshound)

I was looking for a training school I could attend with my wolfshound, Kane. As a behaviour therapist and dog training instructor, I had high expectations. When I found out the school had just launched, I started having some doubts. But these soon disappeared: Laure-Anne and Nicolle really know what they're talking about and are up-to-date on the most recent facts about dog behaviour. During class, you get clear explanations and a calm atmosphere. I definitely recommend it.

(Translated from Dutch)

Peter with Harry (Labrador)

Harry is a six-year-old labrador whose previous owners couldn't afford to look after him anymore. They hadn't taught him a thing: he didn't even know how to walk up stairs, nevermind listen to us. After weeks of trying myself, I decided to take him to training class. Harry is one of our three labs and is no problem at home, but he's a disaster outside where he feels uneasy, can't concentrate and barks nervously at anyone. The school took direct measures to shield him from what made him bark, so that he could join on the exercise. The lessons were given in Dutch and English. In a city full of expats, that can be handy. Harry learnt a lot in a short time. The group sizes was small so you could get a lot of individual coaching. The theory evening was also new to me, and definitely also something I recommend. Much information and additional guidance through mail too. In short a pleasant class on a pleasant field with green places nearby to let your dog out before or after the lesson. Also, easy parking. Harry still finds it hard to concentrate and is still quite insecure, but he has improved quite a bit through this training, and now he listens to me. We now have a basis upon which to expand.

(translated from Dutch)

Maarten and Ingrid with Saartje (German Shepherd cross)

(About Obedience 1) We really learnt a lot in the beginners' class with our three-year-old shepherd, Saartje. We found the teachers knowledgeable, patient and sweet. There was room for personal attention and we could always ask questions. The field is really great too. We are definitely coming back for a follow-up course! - (About the Fun course) The Fun class was nice and varied. We got an introduction to all sorts of dog sports new to us. We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful settings. The instructors showed a lot of enthusiasm and had attention and love for each individual dog!

(Translated from Dutch)