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 Please note: the classes are going ahead during summer break. We have one free catch-up class available for this class on Tuesday 27 August at 18:30.

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Tue 25 June

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Welcome to our Obedience Class, to help teach your dog to listen to you more reliably.


For whom is our Obedience for the Family Dog class?

Owners: For people who want a polite, well-adjusted dog who is welcome everywhere, typically puppy class graduates, dogs who have been adopted (longer than six weeks ago – for shorter periods, your dog might benefit from the shelter dog advice package), and ‘standard’ family dogs. We adapt the level to each individual participant, so beginners and experienced owners are all welcome.

Dog’s age: From five months old. 

Dog’s temperament:

  • Dogs who are sociable to humans and dogs
  • Dogs who don’t get aggressive or tense in the presence of food/toy
  • Dogs who can relax in a group environment where they have to wait their turn without getting extremely frustrated or extremely wound up

The class focuses on obedience (like the sit or the recall) and not behaviour problems (like nervousness, fear or aggression). If you are experiencing behaviour problems with your dog, our behaviourist would love to help you.  

Objectives of the Obedience for the Family Dog class

At OhMyDog!, all obedience classes focus on building and maintaining a great bond with your dog.

We will help you guide your dog into becoming a pleasant companion, even at times of distraction or excitement, without using any intimidation or force.

We sprinkle each lesson with real-life and fun elements, to keep it interesting for you and your dog.

Guzman llw
Guzman learning to be a loose leash walking gent

Taster for the Obedience for the Family Dog class

  • The dog learns to stay put, sitting or lying down, even surrounded by temptation and distractions
  • Tips for excitable dogs
  • How to keep play relaxed and under control
  • How to refocus your dog when distracted
  • How to walk in a relaxed way, without pulling on the leash
Harry let go
Harry practising self-control when playing tug with his owner


  • Clicker word: you will build precision training skills, boosting your effectiveness in teaching the dog new things even long after you have left us
  • Reliable sit: Yes, even with food or another dog.
  • Default check-in: enjoy a dog who loves checking up on you regularly, even if he’s busy
  • ‘Watch me’: at the whisper of a word, the dog will be magnetized by your eyes and you’ll have his/her full attention
  • Rock solid leave it: yes, even from a distance, without shouting, and if it’s delicious
  • Default leave it: He is less tempted by things he finds on walks.
  • Loose leash walking
  • Emergency recall: a sound that will have your dog jumping through fire (and ignore other dogs or food) to come back to you (except for dogs with a strong prey drive)


We test the "leave" it with our temptation board full of the stinkiest treats
We test the “leave” it with our temptation board full of the stinkiest treats.

Naturally, you will only get the maximum out of the course if you attend every lesson, and practice, practice, practice between lessons. Carnegie Hall and all that.


If you are curious about what our past obedience students have to say about the course, check our testimonials page (look for the word (‘obedience’). 


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