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Welcome to the information page about our puppy question time service.


For whom are puppy question time sessions?

For every puppy owner who would like to ask questions about their puppy’s behaviour and education to a specialist. 

You can, of course, book this service in addition to your puppy classes. 

For pups younger than 5 months.

Questions can be about:

  • Problems with socialisation or house-training, for example
  • Uncertainty about your approach: Am I doing it right?
  • Extra tips and advice for specific situations (e.g. other pets, puppy biting, teaching the pup to stay home alone)

Where and when?

Puppy question time is online. Appointments are given during the day, Monday to Friday, by appointment. 

Online has several advantages:

  • More flexible, hence the possibility of an appointment in the short term
  • You can show videos of the situations about which you have questions. e.g. Is my pup playing too rough here? 
  • Also possible if you are not home (e.g. on holidays)

Which points do we often tackle during puppy question time?

  • My puppy still often has accidents inside, even though we are just back from a long walk. How can I make it clear to my puppy that he/she should pee inside? 
  • My puppy sets their teeth on everything: plants, shoes, furniture… How do I teach him/her to only play with his/her own toys?
  • My puppy bites our hands, hair, and clothes. A LOT. Is that normal? 
  • My puppy jumps up against people, but I don’t want him/her to keep doing this as an adult. 
  • How do I get my puppy not to jump up on the couch?
  • How do I teach my puppy to behave politely towards my other pets? (older dog, bird, cat, rabbit, etc.)
  • My puppy doesn’t obey my kids. He/she bites too hard. The kids don’t find it nice anymore. Can I put this on the right track? 
  • Questions about dog behaviour and training methods

Follow-up after puppy question time

We advise you to take your own notes during this conversation because we will not send you a summary. Should it be necessary, we can occasionally send a hand-out about a specific topic or exercise. 

Question time is only meant for you to ask your (urgent) questions. It is not a multistep programme for your puppy. After the session, you may choose to sign up for: 

Attention: There is no automatic follow-up after your session. Book on time to avoid disappointment. 


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