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Welcome to the Rescue dog advice, to help give your dog the best shot at his second chance from day 1 of his or her adoption.


For whom is the Rescue dog advice service?

For people who are adopting a rehomed adult dog (from the shelter, from abroad, from the street, from the countryside, etc.). You can start the traject at any time between 3 weeks before the dog’s arrival and 3 weeks after the dog’s arrival. This service gives you advice and support from the moment time the dog has arrived at your home, during the 6-week adjustment period before he can participate in a group course.

All dogs from the age of 4.5 months are welcome to participate. Young dogs can join the standard puppy classes (register ahead of time, we have waiting lists!).

The shelter dog service in short

The package consists of 3 parts:

  1. A manual to help you with the first few weeks of the dog in your new home.
  2. Short e-mail advice, once per week, for three weeks, based on status updates. 
  3. The possibility to pre-book the next Obedience course (to avoid waiting after the 6-week period), or to switch this spot for a Behaviourist consult at no extra charge.

Shelter dog advice service: why?

Dogs who have just been adopted need some time to adjust before they are put through group training lessons. They first need to get comfortable with their new life, and joining a group course straight away would be overwhelming, which can lead to later behaviour problems.

At the same time, these dogs often have baggage, and come with special instructions. Shelter dogs and rescues are precisely the dogs with whom you would need professional advice from day one.

This is why OhMyDog has put together the shelter dog advice service: to give you advice during these precious first few weeks, so that you can put him on the right track from day 1.

You can click on the video below to get a video explanation of the process.


Difference between group training and behaviour therapy

Should we, after the 6-week evaluation period, refer you to behaviour therapy instead of group training, please don’t take it too hard. This is based on the following reasons:

Group training is developed for owners who want to improve their dog’s obedience skills – like a perfect ‘come here’, or a reliable ‘let go’. Some dogs are unable to participate to these courses due to fearful, barking, hunting or reactive behaviour. These problems often get much worse through group training. This diagram explains the reasoning behind our advice.


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