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Welcome to the Rescue dog program, to help give your dog the best shot at his second chance.


For whom is the Rescue dog program?

For people all over the world who are about to welcome a rescue dog in their home over the next couple of weeks, be that from a local shelter or from abroad.

This program is most valuable to people with limited experience with shelter dogs. We recommend experienced rescue dog owners to wait for 6 weeks after the adoption, and to then register for either group training (in The Hague, Netherlands) or behaviour advice service (on-line, all over the world), depending on whether the dog is displaying behaviour problems or not.

Rescue dogs younger than 4.5 months are welcome to participate in our puppy classes in The Hague (register ahead of time, we have waiting lists!).

If the dog suffers from known behaviour problems and you are looking for help with these, we recommend our behaviour advice service (on-line, all over the world). 

The rescue dog program in short

This 6-week plan consists in:

  1. A manual that specifically focuses on recently adopted dogs. The document focuses on:
    1. Preparation before your dog’s arrival: e.g. what to buy, where to place the basket, etc. 
    2. How to prevent avoidable but common problems (e.g. visitors, home alone, other dogs, kids, walking on the lead, etc.). 
  2. A 6-week period during which you get the space to write your questions and share your progress once per week (e.g. ‘Is this normal?’ or ‘What is the best way to deal with this?’) so that we can support you during these ever-so-important weeks. 

Important: The shelter dog program exclusively offers guidance through a weekly form designed for short communications. The guidance does not include interim mail communications, telephone contact or home visits.  

Rescue dog advice service: why?

Recently adopted dogs often need to go through a decompression period before they can find their feet in their new home. To immediately force them to join a group obedience course during that period can be counterproductive. On the other hand, they often come with baggage so you want professional help to guide you through the sensitive period of the first few weeks. 

This is why OhMyDog put together the rescue dog program: om je steun en professioneel advies te geven tijdens de dierbare eerste weken van zijn adoptie. 

Als je benieuwd bent naar het traject, kan je op het beeld hieronder klikken voor een video beschrijving.


Difference between group training and behaviour therapy

Should we, after the 6-week evaluation period, refer you to behaviour therapy instead of group training, please don’t take it too hard. This is based on the following reasons:

Group training is developed for owners who want to improve their dog’s obedience skills – like a perfect ‘come here’, or a reliable ‘let go’. Some dogs are unable to participate to these courses due to fearful, barking, hunting or reactive behaviour. These problems often get much worse through group training. This diagram explains the reasoning behind our advice.


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