Scent detection training for dogs

For whom is detection training?

Detection training is a nice activity for every dog of every breed and age.

We find it important to prioritize socialization and basic education over this nice dog sport. Because of that, we recommend, in general, to start with the puppy class and the obedience class.

What is scent detection training?

During the detection classes, we train the dog to systematically search for a target scent and how to clearly show us the location of the source of the scent. When you practise this sport as a hobby, we often use a herb as a target scent.

The end goal of detection is that you as the owner don’t know where the source of the scent is. By reading your dog’s body language and guiding your dog, you will learn how to work together with your dog to find the target scent.

Long term hobby

Detection is a long term hobby for you and your dog.

The possibilities are endless. You’ll start with a line-up with about 5 detection boxes, from there we continue with the detection wall, an area search, a vehicle search etc.

Because of many difficulty levels in competitions and exams this sport will challenge you for quite some time!

The possibilities


Free Trial

Free Trial

Your Text


To teach your dog the first steps in scent detection

On request

1 – 5 – 10 LESSONS


Op request

Advantage of location

Nice for dogs who are quick learners at home,

but not so in a new environment. 

or for owners without suitable transportation for the dog


For beginner to advanced

€28,50 per lesson

(30 min.)

1 – 5 – 10 LESSONS


Wednesday, friday or saturday – daytime

Advantage of location

Specially designed for scent detection training

with a bike, opporutities for area seach, detection wall, etc.

At a quiet industrial area

No other dogs at this location


For beginner to semi – advanced

€28,50 per lesson

(30 min.)

1 – 5 – 10 LESSONS


Monday, tuesday or thursday – evening

Advantage of location

Located in Den Haag

Possibilites in the evening

Individual class, but othter dogs at the school at the same time

How many dogs in a group?

It’s common to have detection classes in 1-on-1 training.

However, it’s possible to have a scent detection class with two dogs at the same time. In that case, the fee for the class is €28,50 for 50 minutes per dog.


It’s possible to start with a single trial class.

You can choose between 5 or 10 detection lessons for your dog.

We discuss the planning of the classes with you depending on your schedule.

Your instructor

Stephanie Neijts is OhMyDog’s detection instructor. She is a certified detection instructor at the Nederlandse Detectie Bond (translated: Dutch detection federation).