Dog training vacancies in The Hague

OhMyDog Hondenschool Den Haag has been growing hard sinds its humble beginnings in 2013. We have reached the stage that we cannot meet customer demand and have growing waiting lists. It is time for us to expand the team, and our course offerings. If you think you’d like to join our team of “dog nerds”, read on.


Seeking experienced (and nice!) dog trainers

What’s in it for you?

Giving dog training classes at OhMyDog! means that:

  • Your ideas and projects really get implemented.
  • You have the creative freedom to develop or keep your own teaching style, with very little management interference.
  • You are kept up to date on the latest scientific and technical insights into dog behaviour and training.
  • You will be working in an informal, international team where nobody takes themselves seriously.
  • Your compensation for each lesson given (as instructor) will be above industry average.

Who is welcome to apply?

The ideal candidate fulfils the following three criteria. We know there’s no such thing as perfection, though, so do not hesitate to get in touch even if you come short on one of the points (see Applying).

  1. The Nerd: Relevant academic background in behaviour and/or biology and/or animals (e.g. veterinary medicine/vet nurse, ethology, zoology, psychology, psychology, pedagogy), &
  2. The Field guy: You have professional experience working with animals (as a volunteer or as paid staff), &
  3. The Pro: You have a dog training certificate (recognized by the Raad van Beheer, or at equivalent level).

Our hard demands are that the candidate:

  • Speaks good Dutch and English (we need you to be able to communicate with our clients in both languages).
  • Is easy-going. “I-love-dogs-but-I-hate-people” types of dog trainers need not apply.
  • Can commit to being in The Hague every Wednesday evening, also in the long-term.

Do you think you’re a good match? See Application section.

Note: Even experienced trainers will need to pass our internship criteria before they get to give their own lessons. 

Seeking dog training interns in The Hague

What’s in it for you? 

  • We help you master ‘evidence-based’ dog training,
  • We give you a ton of the theoretical knowledge and professional tips that go with it.
  • From day 1, you are a full member of the team and you get to work behind-the-scenes of a dog training school.
  • (For the right candidate) we offer growth possibilities into the position of Instructor.
  • After a successful internship, you can borrow our material for your own dog training projects lenen (e.g. agility)
  • After a successful internship, you get to attend pre-paid seminars as a representative of OhMyDog!

Who is welcome to apply?

  • OhMyDog! offers internship positions to candidates who are ready to register for an official dog training certification at a level recognized by the Raad van Beheer, or who already have one.
  • We give priority to highly educated candidates in a relevant academic discipline (e.g. veterinary medicine/vet nurse, ethology, zoology, psychology, psychology, pedagogy)
  • Only candidates who master both Dutch and English will be considered (we need you to be able to communicate with our clients in both languages)

OhMyDog! also offers internship positions to student trainers from the following institutes: O&O, Annorlunda, Martin Gaus Academy and Odissee.

Your investment

The internship is free of charge.

We expect you to show up every Wednesday evening (from 6.30pm until about 9pm): come-rain-or-shine, even on your grandmother’s birthday or even if there’s a bus strike.

We geven voorkeur aan kandidaten-stagiaires die vervolgens op de lange termijn bij OhMyDog willen blijven trainen en coachen.

  • Evaluation period: The internship itself takes between 4 weeks and 3 months, depending on how fast you complete the internship learning goals.
    • Compulsory books (See reading list)
    • Read internal documents (theory handbook, exercises handbook, etc.)
    • Pass theory exams (on-line quizzes)
    • Attend a minimum number of our internal theory seminars
    • Give a minimum number of dog training lessons independently
  • Evaluation meeting: You will get a badge with every completed internship learning goal. As soon as you have all your badges, we can have our evaluation meeting during which we’ll discuss great performance and points for improvement. Successful candidates might be invited to keep working with OhMyDog as  Behaviour Coaches or Instructors.

Illustration credits at the end of the post

Learning objectives

The internship aims at helping you grow in the following areas:

  • Dog training principles: The essential concepts in classical and operant conditioning
  • Body language of dogs
  • Evidence-based principles:
    • Learning to think of dog behaviour like scientists, not amateurs
    • Telling fact from fiction. Evaluating dog training claims critically
    • Learning to stay stay critical of even ourselves and our own training traditions, beliefs and habits.
  • Behavioural first aid: You will develop a toolkit for effectively dealing with common dog education questions and problems. And you shall learn the sometimes subtle difference between a superficial education problem and a deeper-seated behaviour problem.
  • Client coaching: You will learn to give 1-on-1 guidance to our clients.
  • Lesson instruction: You will get expereience in giving dog training lessons independently, in front of a group of students.

Reading list

We advise candidates to read the following book before they get in touch:

  • Jolanta Benal’s Quick and Dirty tips to a happy, well-behaved dog: Jolanta Benal covers essential theory points in dog behaviour and education with humour and wit. She also shares useful analogies in our communicating these concepts to non-professionals. She shares tips on solving common dog behaviour and education problems. The entire book follows evidence-based and ethical principles.
  • Linda Case’ Beware the strawman: Linda Case explains the concept of ‘evidence-based’ using only examples from the dog world.
  • Martin Gaus’ Hondentaal is lichaamtaal or Sophie Collins’ Tail TalkA photo-book with essential stress signalen and the body language of dogs.
  • Rise van Fleet‘s Human Half of Dog Training: A book about client coaching


  • Application mail: If you think you’re a good (either as candidate instructor, or as intern), send us an informal mail via info@ohmydogschool.com, with a bit of background about what you have to offer.
  • Interview: We will perhaps invite you for an interview. Regardless of the outcome, we will be sure to respond to you within two working days. The interview is a chance to meet in person, and for us to explain the ins and outs about the school and our internal processes.
  • Sniff-around day: We might invite you to a sniff-around evening, during which you’ll meet the whole team and see how it all works.
  • Trial period: If you are a good match, we’ll invite you to start a 4-week trial period.