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Of which 1 on-line for parents (about kid-dog myths)







This course will only go ahead if we get enough registrations. 





Welcome to our Kids and Dogs course page, the course where kids learn what makes their furry friend tick. Are yo curious about doggy body language? How you can help your kid treat the dog with more respect? How you can intervene (and when it’s OK to let it go) without sounding like a broken record? What are safe but fun kid-dog interactions? 


For whom is our Kids & Dogs course meant?

For kids between the ages of 7 and 11, who have a dog at home (max. 1 kid/1 dog per registration), and their parents of course! 

The kids

This course is a good fit for kids who:

  • Find it nice to become a junior trainer 
  • Are getting bored of their dog as nothing they find fun is allowed  
  • Would like the dog to listen to them once in a while, and not only mum and dad
  • Are still a little clumsy and boisterous with their dog. 
  • Would like to do more with their dog

The dogs

Minimal age: 5 months.


  • Sociable to people and dogs,  even in the presence of a chew bone/dog food/toys. 
  • Can stay relaxed when waiting for their turn 

Attention: This course is not designed to tackle existing behaviour problems (e.g. nervosity, fear or agression). If your dog has bitten your kid in the past, then this service can help you: Behaviour advice.  

What will we learn during this course? 


  • Kids & dogs myths
  • When to intervene/when to let it go
  • How to intervene


  • What is my dog telling me (body language)
  • Training effectively (teaching the dog all sorts of new stuff)
  • What is allowed? Fun kid-dog games! 


  • Build a buffer against a bit of clumsiness on the part of the kids. 

What did our clients think?

A closer at the Kids & Dogs course

For the kids

Taught in a playful and active way: e.g.

  • Become a doggie translator: e.g. How does my dog say “Please give me space”?  
  • Sit, drop it, come
  • Agility: How do I coach my dog in an effective but friendly way? 
  • Tricks and games!  Nice games and tricks ideas, to show off your dog and have fun together.
  • “Puppy please”: Your dog asks nicely, instead of grabbing things out of your hands.
  • Picnic: Let’s go for a picnic, whilst the dog is not begging or stealing. 

For the parents

  • Theory lesson about appropriate and less safe interactions between kids & dogs.
  • Tips for more peace in your house
  • Practical lessons:
    • You are participating, together with your kid
    • Help the dog become a little more resilient to clumsy kid-dog interactions

Kids and dogs: extra tips

Kids and dogs: dream team or disaster waiting to happen? With a little bit of knowledge, you can make sure the interactions between your kid and your dog is safe and relaxed. Try our quiz (in Dutch)  

Try the quiz!

And even more information:  


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