Dog behaviour seminar in The Hague: Zoologists’ secrets to a happy dog (March 2017)

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On Wednesday 29 March, we are giving our seminar on dog behaviour again, a science- and fun-packed two hours by Zoologist Laure-Anne Visele, sharing little known but useful secrets behind your dog’s behaviour.

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Location: OhMyDog Den Haag, Wijndaelerweg 12. Directions here.

Presenter: Laure-Anne Visele, Zoologist and Dog Behaviourist.

Date and time: Wednesday 29 March 2017, 20.00 – 22.00

Fee: 25 euros

Language: English

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This seminar will help you answer these, and many more fascinating questions:

– Behaviour problem or bad habit?
– Fact-based or old wife’s tale?
– Having fun or bullying?
– My dog is scared, is it OK to pick him up or not?
– Is he being dominant?

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