OhMyDog re-opening phases

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OhMyDog is opening again (in phases)! This is obviously dependent on how the corona situation develops.

Important: Keep an eye on your mailbox (including your spam box) so that you can confirm when you have received a mail from us.

First wave

From Monday 18 May, the following Monday groups can start again (at the normal lesson time):

  • Beyond Obedience
  • Kid-dog
  • Advanced Obedience (the group who trained on Mondays, not the group who trained on Wednesdays)

Then the rest of the courses that got interrupted

From 1 & 3 June, respectively, the rest of the groups who had already started the course will start again, including the Advanced Obedience group who trained on Wednesdays.

People on the waiting list 

We are going to try to pre-plan as many new courses as possible before the current ones are completed, so don’t worry about huge delays. It’ll be OK, we’ll be in touch!  

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Corona health and safety measures

For the foreseeable future, we shall enforce the following rules: 

  1. Please come alone to the lessons
  2. 2-meter distance (also on the parking lot):
    1. Between people (incl. students, staff)
    2. Between dogs and people (except their own handler, of course, including staff)
    3. Between the dogs (but that’s not new)
  3. Stay home if you have cold symptoms and/or if a family member has a fever 
  4. Be on time 
  5. Theory lesson on-line
  6. Smaller groups 
  7. Fewer lessons running simultaneously
  8. Minimum lending of material. Please ensure that you have everything with you when you come
  9. Handwashing according to RIVM guidelines
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