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Zoologist’s secrets



Welcome to the Zoologist’s secrets seminar, for a fun and interesting evening about dog behaviour.



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8pm – 10.30pm

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€25 p.p.



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This seminar is given without dogs, please leave your pooch at home.

This seminar is presented by Laure-Anne Visele. Laure-Anne is a university-trained Zooloogist, and a certified and experienced dog behaviourist and trainer.

For more information about Laure-Anne’s credentials, see here.

The topic is taking an ‘evidence-based’ (scientifically sound, thus) look at every day dog behaviour. The following elements (among others) will be tackled:

  • Little known elements of canine body language
  • When to break up a play bout between dogs
  • Troubleshooting toolbox for how to teach a dog something new, when you are getting stuck
  • Toolbox about how to help a dog drop an unwanted habit (humanely)
  • A scientific look at punishment and dominance

A written hand-out will be mailed to you after the seminar.


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High-Risk Dogs seminar


Send us a mail ( to enquire about organising a seminar for your organisation.

Note to our expat friends: This seminar is in Dutch.
Note to our guests. This seminar is without dog. Please leave your pooch at home.

This 3-hour evening seminar is given on-site, from your facilities, to the employees and clients you invite. It is intended to be given from veterinary practices, animal shelters, pet pensions and pet stores.

Zoologist and dog behaviour therapist Laure-Anne Visele reviews the scientific insights about the risks and a reviews the legislation; & risk manager and specialist dog walker Floor Keur summarises practical risk management tips and best practices to deal with real-life situations.

The following topics will be presented:

  • Is it true that there are no dogs, just bad owners?
  • What do the law and law projects say precisely? How will it affect me?
  • How to separate fighting dogs? What to do if your dog gets grabbed by another dog?
  • How do I keep my HRD out of trouble?
  • How to decrease the risk that your dog is involved in a dog fight?
  • and a lot more


Photo courtesy of Pxhere, CCO license. Original can be found here.

Our target audience is broad for this seminar:

  • Dog professionals who want evidence-based and objective information, not hear-say and opinion.
  • Motivated HR dog owners in need of clarification and more detailed information about the law change.
  • Worried owners of not-High Risk Dogs, who want a realistic, data-based picture of the risks rather than fear-mongering or trivialising.

We share our reasons for giving this seminar here.


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