Progress Cards Terms and Conditions

You are entitled to six weeks of professional guidance during which we will support you through your dog’s setbacks and cheer along with you at your dog’s victories.

Please take a few moments to read the Terms and Conditions of our Progress Cards before proceeding further, paying particular attention to the passages in bold which are often overlooked. 

Submitting progress cards

  1. You can find your progress cards here.
  2. You are entitled to 1 progress card per week for a period of 6 weeks.
    1. Additional progress cards submitted throughout the week will not be processed.
    2. Progress cards submitted beyond the program’s end date will not be processed.
  3. Please submit your card every Friday, before 2 pm. Cards submitted past this time will, unfortunately, not be processed. 
  4. Missed Progress Cards are not refundable. 
  5. We will strive to reply with brief feedback within one working day
  6. Please keep the text on the cards manageably short (aim for 5 lines of text in free-text sections). Longer text will not be processed in its entirety.  

Excluded services

This service does not include providing professional guidance about your dog’s behaviour through: 

  1. Telephone calls
  2. E-mail messages 
  3. Home visits 
  4. Reviewing video material you have submitted off your own initiative

These requests will not be processed.

Analysing video material

We may ask you for a movie of your dog’s behaviour, in which case, please follow these guidelines:

  1.  Do not put yourself, your own dog, others or others’ dog in a hazardous or traumatising situation to film the behaviour. 
  2. Max. 1 minute-long.
  3. Max. 1 video per behaviour.
  4. Max. 3 videos in total.
  5. Ensure your dog’s entire body is visible, including his face and tail. 
  6. Ensure the distance to the trigger is visible.


We strive for safe and animal-friendly advice. Your dog’s behaviour does remain your own responsibility, though. At no time do we accept any liability for damage or injury caused by your dog’s behaviour.