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The zones of sensitisation

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Blog post by zoologist and dog behaviourist Laure-Anne Visel√©, 24 November 2020 The zones of sensitisation are one of the most important concepts you will ever come across about dog behaviour. It tackles so many essentials:  Why your dog’s unwanted behaviour often gets worse if you don’t do anything about it.  Why management (a.k.a. PROACTIVELY   …Continue Reading

Teach your puppy to be a great patient

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As a Certified Fear Free Veterinary Handling professional, the “learn to love vet procedures” is my favourite puppy lesson to give. “Fear-Free” stands for reducing the chance that animals are traumatised by veterinary intervention through behavioural prevention, teaching the pet and treatment. We don’t just leave it in the¬† hands of professional trainers and behaviourists,   …Continue Reading