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  • Elly with Raya (rescue dog)

    Elly with Raya (rescue dog)

    Do As I Do, such fun course! Not easy, but we learnt a lot! Thank you Laure for your intensive, understanding guidance Greetings Elly and Raya

  • Demi with Edo (French Bulldog)

    Demi with Edo (French Bulldog)

    We had a great experience with our Frenchie pup at the Puppy Programme. Indre was our trainer and she was so great with our pup, helped us with extra questions we had and was super patient with us. We had a great time and learnt a lot. Definitely recommend to other dog owners, especially expats […]

  • Romano and Poema (Toller)

    Romano and Poema (Toller)

    Puppy training was a very enjoyable and educational exercise. A lot of personal attention and answers to all my questions. A+

  • Brooke with Alfie (Teckel)

    Brooke with Alfie (Teckel)

    Oh my dog was amazing. Alfie learnt so much from Stephanie. We will be back for obedience classes.

  • Richard with Skye (Bernese mountain dog)

    Richard with Skye (Bernese mountain dog)

    Our puppy Skye and ourselves have followed OhMyDog’s lessons with Romy as our instructor. We found it really instructive and a nice atmosphere. She gave good lessons, and is an enthousiastic instructor. I would definitely recommend OhMyDog to any dog owner.

  • I am incredibly pleased with the guidance and support we got during our first obedience course with my adopted dog, Dobby. I had had her for a couple of months and I wanted extra help to learn to better communicate with her, as she is deaf. Yvonne (trainer) and Lucas (coach) have really helped me […]

  • Els with Wikkie (Parson Russell Terrier)

    Els with Wikkie (Parson Russell Terrier)

    De puppycursus was voor de baasjes van Wikkie erg leerzaam met handige tips, die nog dagelijks gebruikt worden. Sylvia is een enthousiaste trainer, die de honden heel goed aanvoelt. Groot en klein, ze weet de goede handreikingen te geven. Fijn dat de groepen klein waren.

  • Gulsan Ergul with Ogul-Dai (Akita)

    Gulsan Ergul with Ogul-Dai (Akita)

    We have enjoyed the training and learnt so much out of it. My dog (akita) liked the training and eventually passed his exam! We will continue with the follow up trainings.

  • Monique with Charlie (Cocker Spaniel)

    Monique with Charlie (Cocker Spaniel)

    I have just completed my puppy course: it was super informative and I’ve learnt a lot, thank you so much, Sylvia, for all the nice lessons!

  • Lucy with Ted (doodle)

    Lucy with Ted (doodle)

    We have followed super nice lessons with our puppy Ted, with Romy as our instructor! The location is great (there are always parking spaces), they train in small groups and you get lots of positive and individual attention. Ted really enjoyed it, and we learned a lot ourselves. You can also ask questions about things […]