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  • Gulsan Ergul with Ogul-Dai (Akita)

    Gulsan Ergul with Ogul-Dai (Akita)

    We have enjoyed the training and learnt so much out of it. My dog (akita) liked the training and eventually passed his exam! We will continue with the follow up trainings.

  • Monique with Charlie (Cocker Spaniel)

    Monique with Charlie (Cocker Spaniel)

    I have just completed my puppy course: it was super informative and I’ve learnt a lot, thank you so much, Sylvia, for all the nice lessons!

  • Lucy with Ted (doodle)

    Lucy with Ted (doodle)

    We have followed super nice lessons with our puppy Ted, with Romy as our instructor! The location is great (there are always parking spaces), they train in small groups and you get lots of positive and individual attention. Ted really enjoyed it, and we learned a lot ourselves. You can also ask questions about things […]

  • Marguerite and Isaac (son) with Tommie (Labrador)

    Marguerite and Isaac (son) with Tommie (Labrador)

    I have just completed the dog-kid course and I loved it! Tommie listens to me a lot better now. And we play together nicer too. Thank you!

  • Niek & Vittoria with Dante (Labrador)

    Niek & Vittoria with Dante (Labrador)

    We have followed OhMyDog!’s puppy class with our labrador pup, Dante. We found it a really nice experience, the trainers are friendly and give clear instructions. Because Dante quick goes into “training mode,” the trainers were always helping with distractions, and gave tailored advice on how to practise at home.

  • Marion & Amy (daughter) with Ted (Labradoodle)

    Marion & Amy (daughter) with Ted (Labradoodle)

    Our daughter, Amy, has completed OhMyDog’s dog-kid course last week. She found the lessons super nice and was really disappointed when the course reached an end! Amy has learnt a lot, and also found it nice to practice at home. She is also feeling more self-confident. We have seen the bond between her and Ted […]

  • José met Moos (Stabby x Labrador)

    José met Moos (Stabby x Labrador)

    Had really nice and clear training classes with Stephanie at dog training school Oh My Dog. The explanations were good, and calm/relaxed. They pay real attention to how your dog is doing and what he needs in order to learn best. The atmosphere was relaxed and the location is great! We definitely want to keep […]

  • Lenny with Marley (Aussie doodle)

    Lenny with Marley (Aussie doodle)

    I followed the puppy course together with my dog, ​​Marley, and we still benefit from it every day. The course gives very practical applications for matters / problems that you can encounter with your dog in daily life. I intend to go even further with obedience…because it’s just really nice to keep doing things with […]

  • Sarah & Tarif with Muzna (Cane Corso)

    Sarah & Tarif with Muzna (Cane Corso)

    We got so much out of the puppy classes with our cane corso. Despite the fact that most of our puppy lessons had to be online because of the lockdown, OhMyDog! really made the best out of it. We got extra free practical lessons, for example, outside in the woods, to complement the on-line lessons. […]

  • Jeff with Patou (Coton de Tulear)

    Jeff with Patou (Coton de Tulear)

    Excellent trainers, caring for the dogs and their owners and lessons are broken down to easy to follow exercises. I would highly recommend this company and trainers. From Puppies to adult dogs there are course for everyone. Only words for them: professional, friendly, relaxed environment and good fun for the dog and owners. We loved […]