Amy with Shaddix (German Shepherd)

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I called OhMyDog! (Stephanie) for guidance about my German Shepherd’s behaviour problems, after an incident. My dog ​​experienced a lot of stress and lunged at other people and dogs. After a nice conversation with Stephanie, I got the right tools to to tackle this problem independently and get started, together with my dog ​​(the option for guided training was also available!).

Every week I received feedback about the training and I was able to ask my questions which gave me adapted advice / exercises.

As the training progressed I really saw a lot of growth in my dog ​​and, right now, the problem behaviour is as good as gone / certainly greatly decreased! I didn’t dare dream of these results when I first started, but it has helped us so much and was really worth the investment! I can recommend this dog training school to anyone considering behaviour therapy for their dog! Very friendly, professional people with a lot of knowledge who have also taught me a lot about my dog!