Barbara with Koffie (Shetland sheepdog)

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Our adventure with OhMyDog! started 10 weeks ago. When our puppy Koffie came to live with us. We immediately decided to follow the puppy course, so that we could socialise him and, ourselves, learn as much as possible. If you have a cute puppy, you often do not think about the adult animal that he will soon be. What kind of animal do you get, depends on yourself and what you do. The very first weeks at your home are the most important. My partner and I believe that, thanks to a solid education, we will have more fun with our dog.

What we really liked at OhMyDog! is that it not only teaches the pup something, but it also teaches the ourselves a great deal: about dog psychology and how to deal with puppies.

Our teacher – Sabine Boks – was very involved. We learned how to communicate with Koffie and practice different commands.

It feels really great when your puppy is 4 months old and can sit, lie down, bark, follow, jump, dance… you get the necessary tools to get there during the lesson.

Groups are small and that ensures a lot of 1 on 1 attention.

Every lesson we discussed beforehand our questions, which were then answered, this was also very nice.

OhMyDog! is a team of fun, professional, passionate people. And this atmosphere during every lesson combined with a satisfied puppy is a real reward.

We will continue with OhMyDog! and soon we will start with obedience