Beatrice & Steven with Calypso, Sahara & Sasha (Omani village dogs)

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Laure-Anne Viselé changed our life with our three female dogs by teaching us how to deal with them, how to teach the oldest not to be over reactive, how to train the two others to control their fears and impulse.
The three main qualities of Laure-Anne’s training is her positive attitude and kindness towards people and animals; her amazing capacity to listen and to understand the problems of others; and finally her ability of finding solutions and tips to obtain great results.
We highly recommend Laure-Anne as tranquillity is back in our house and we can walk the pack into the parks with a minimum of stress. Laure-Anne is open-minded and never judged us for the mistakes that we had made. Last but not least her approach of training is gentle and without punishment.
We have discovered another world and enjoy our life with our three beauties.