Elze with Molly (Labradoodle)

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We recently completed the obedience course at Oh my dog. I would recommend this one to anyone. Firstly, the cues that are taught are practical and applicable in everyday life, they really help you. Secondly, the approach of the school is greatand you learn to respectfully ask for cues from your dog and make sure he follows them. Nothing with a heavy hand. My puppy and I came from another dog school. We always came back from that depressed without having learned anything new. At OhMyDog she loved it so much she couldn’t wait. Also the support was great. When we had a relapse due to health problems with my puppy, there was understanding and good tips. Finally, in this course you simply learn how to deal with your dog. This makes it easier to learn other cues at home. My labradoodle hated brushing and trimming at first and didn’t allow it, now she sits nice and quiet and comes off the table happy.

Update: early 2023 we also followed a private course as a follow-up to the obedience course. This is because we encountered some specific issues with our labradoodle, such as extensive coat care. The private course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to train a little further with their dog and may have specific questions. At the beginning we discussed with Stephanie what we wanted to achieve and we worked hard on it. In addition, we were also able to train extra things every lesson on points that we ran into between the training sessions. The combination of goal-oriented, but also flexible was super nice. Stephanie also knew how to challenge our (we think) smart labradoodle every time and adjust the plan if something didn’t work out for our sweet doodle. We were also allowed to send videos in between and we received nice feedback every time, which helped us to keep up the pace and to tackle unforeseen bottlenecks.