Jasper with Cusco (mixed breed rescue dog)

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The Rescue dog advice service was so valuable to us. It really helped us understand our recently adopted dog, and know how to go about dealing with his (limited) baggage. This packet gave him a bit of time to acclimate to his new life without being immediately confronted with a group course. The advice has really helped build his confidence over the first few weeks. 

We’d never had a rescue dog before and when we informed the rescue organisation about this service, they were really enthousiastic, because they’d never heard of such an initiative before.

We simply did not know what to expect of a rescue dog, so we signed up. It was ideal to be able to share our concerns remotely, ask for advice, check our expectations, because we could do so whilst the dog was in the comfort of his own home, undisturbed. 

The tips and tricks that we got were tailor-made to our questions and priorities, were practical, and really easy to apply. We also got step-by-step hand-outs with illustrations and examples to make the behaviour clearer.

I will definitely sign up again if I get another rescue dog.