Justine with Punky (Chihuahua)

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Little Punky was, unfortunately, getting scared of other dogs, and whatever I tried didn’t seem to help. I found OhMyDog after a bad experience with a puppy course somewhere else.

Laure-Anne came to my house to analyse the problem, and give me advice. I wasnot too sure what to expect from behaviour therapy consult, but I am really happy that I did it! Laure-Anne is not only really good with the dogs, but she also knows how to talk to people, and she has a good grip of the psychological factors at play with dog and owner. Based on the information I’d given about Punky, Laure-Anne could explain where things went wrong, and what exacerbated the situation. It gave me more insight into Punky’s behaviour. I also got a thorough report in which, among other things, I can read step-by-step instructions on how to work on the issues. I started immediately after the consultation and am already noticing an improvement after just three days. I got so lucky, finding OhMyDog on the internet, and I am glad I took the gamble! Thank you, Laure-Anne.