Lindsay with Mabel (English Setter)

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We just finished our 10 week obedience training course with our 6 month old English Setter. We have had many dogs through out our life and have attended many obedience classes, but none have compared to the technique that Laure-Anne teaches. The approach that Laure-Ann takes and the theory behind the lessons, I found to be particularly helpful–It was nice to hear the reasoning behind the teachings and not just be told what to do.
I would be lying if I said that Mabel was now the perfect, she is now only 7 months—but she has come a long was and now we now have the tools to help her get to that perfect point.
I appreciated the small class size and the fact that she gave every dog individual attention. The fact that Laure-Anne is open to answering questions during the class is also great. .
Laure-Anne and her team definitely know how to work with dogs and communicate proper training techniques effectively to their owners.
I would definitely recommend “Oh my Dog” to anyone…. We will be joining the next Obedience class.