Lisette for Barco

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Since Laure-Anne came to our house for a behaviour therapy session, I can read my dog better, and I know what he needs to understand what I want from him. I am now walking much confidently on the street, because I understand what I can and can’t expect from him.

Although Laure-Anne works with sustainable solutions in which your own time investment, as the dog’s owner, are core (no quick fix), we already started noticing a difference in our bond with the dog, and in the dog’s will to work, a couple of days after we started working on the exercises.

The consultation took place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and I noticed that my dog immediately felt comfortable with Laure-Anne.

Laure-Anne really listened to our worries and questions, and really observed the dog astutely.

Using her extended knowledge, she delivered a tailor-made solution for us. She made sure that no additional lessons were booked and did not try to sell more lesson time unnecessarily.

I highly recommend Laure-Anne for everyone who wants to better understand and coach their dog, even with older dogs with physical problems, as is the case for us.