Marco and Anouk with Becka (Jack Russell mixed breed)

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Becka came to live with us about a year ago. We had just adopted her from Spain and right from the start, she found everything scary. Her coping strategy was to bluff her way through. She would bark, growl and lunge at everything and everyone she didn’t trust (people, other dogs, cars, loud noises, etc.).

Thankfully, she was a lovely dog at home and she quickly learnt to relax there. We sought the help of a behaviour therapist over the first few months, then we started with a few private lessons from OhMyDog!. And yes, after nine months, Becka was ready to participate in her first group lessons – with other dog closeby. We followed the obedience 2 course. The group was very small, so a each dog and owner could get a lot of attention from the instructor.

During class, Becka didn’t just gain basic training skills, but she learnt to be more self-confident, so she started to react a lot less to her triggers. This makes living with her – and walking her – nicer and nicer.

We are really grateful to the ladies for their input, their explanations and their help. We are most definitely coming back to train some more and just join the Fun.