Martin with Thea (cocker spaniel)

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I first met Laure-Anne in September 2015 when I signed up for the her Puppy Class with my then 3 months old Beagle. The class was a great success and taught me – a first-time dog owner – a number of skills and tricks to train my dog through the baby months. I was so impressed with Laure-Anne’s professionalism and knowledge that I asked her to work with my dog and me individually after that to address a few specific issues, such as my dog’s separation anxiety, barking, hand-biting, pulling on the leash, disobedience issues, destroying toys and other objects at home, etc. Laure-Anne also helped us a great deal with establishing a positive relationship between my 6 years old daughter and the dog. Laure-Anne’s methodical and consistent approach, combined with her obvious understanding of the dogs’ psyche and needs, worked miracles! My dog loved Laure-Anne and was like hypnotized in her presence, following her commands and practicing the skills learned. Several months after we finished the individual lessons, I can say that the training has had a long-lasting positive effect on my darling dog. She is now much more disciplined and mature and the challenges and frustrations we experienced in the beginning are nothing more than vague memories now. I am extremely grateful to Laure-Anne for her patience, professionalism, and support which far exceeded the training and included advice on practical issues – from the best dog food or toys, to reliable dog hotels and dog walkers. I highly recommend the services of Laure-Anne!